23min of Ska : Bay City Blues

Deep down I’ve always been a music geek. I was in the school band, in garage bands, and always thinking of music. In 1994 I got my first taste of ska music, and since then a love affair was born. I don’t care if it is traditional ska, ska punk, ska pop, ska-core, whatever, I’m digging it. From the early ’60s up to 2016, it’s a sound I love. So each week I mix together the songs I’m jamming out to at the moment. It’s more than just a playlist, but less produced than a by a skilled DJ, it’s 23min of Ska from Rad Jose.

00:00 – Steady 45s – Mama Said (Greenleaf Special ’16)
02:24 – Reel Big Fish – Your Guts (I Hate Them) (We’re Not Happy ’til You’re Not Happy ’05)
04:25 – Bomb the Music Industry! – Depression is No Fun (Get Warmer ’07)
07:07 – Be Like Max – Shout it Out (Against All Odds ’15)
11:07 – Jimmy Cliff – Ruby Soho (Rebirth ’12)
13:56 – the Toasters – Little Hidden Secrets (Dub 56 ’94)
16:36 – the Allentons – Dreams (Dreams ’11)
20:10 – Backyard Superheroes – Netflix & Chill (Netflix & Chill ’16)

“23min of Ska” is a weekly ska mixtape that updates every Thursday. Visit 23ska.com to find out more information on the songs and bands in today’s podcast as well as over 200 past episodes.

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