23min of Ska : Pearls are a Nuisance

Woah! Lots of new ska on this episode! Heck, some of these songs JUST came out! (I mean, except that Kill Lincoln track, that one’s about 5 yrs old) The one comment I get from people when they find out I do a ska podcast, or that I’m into ska in general, is “ska is still a thing?” As much as I want to lecture them on the long history of ska I just say “Yep!” And when listening to bands such as these put out music so recently that is so good, well, ska is going to be a thing for quite awhile! We’ve got a handful of artists from the US, a few from the UK and heck, we even have one from Bulgaria! Dig that international ska, baby!

00:00 – the Meow Meows – Swipe Right (Go Boom! ’16)
03:01 – Behind Deadlines – Worthless (Status Quo ’16)
05:26 – the Classy Wrecks – Hey Girl (Songs for the Extinct ’16)
08:22 – the Rudie Crew – Life (Roy Radics & Friends : Distance Water 4 Ever ’16)
11:57 – Kill Lincoln – Something Something etc. (You Were There ’11)
16:43 – No Project Band – Не Мога да Пия (Ne Moga da Pia) (Здравей България ’16)
19:14 – Last Edition – Status (Best Foot Forward ’16)

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