23min of Ska : Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles

Someone on Reddit told me that if I stopped making politically slanted episodes that this podcast might be worth listening to. You know something, I agree, I plan that last week’s episode was the beginning and end of all that! From now on, politically neutral. Just like ska is. Politics free.

00:00 – the Trespassers – Gonna Get it, Nazi Punk (Skarmageddon 3: a New Beginning ’97)
03:14 – Jimmy Cliff – World Upside Down (Rebirth ’12)
06:22 – the Special AKA – Racist Friend (Racist Friend / Bright Lights ’83)
10:23 – Kill Lincoln – Pralines & Dick (You Were There ’11)
13:19 – Stop the Presses – the Mayor (Does it Still Look Pretty? ’11)
16:13 – MU330 – America’s Funniest (Best of MU330 ’98)
17:34 – Hub City Stompers – Little Julie Swastiska (Blood, Sweat, and Beers ’04)

“23min of Ska” is a weekly ska mixtape that updates every Thursday. Visit 23ska.com to find over 250 past episodes as well as specials and interviews with bands.

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