Final Reckoning: Redemption House of Cards

*ch ch* REDEMPTION HOUSE. This week is all about the Redemption House and the Apocalypse that actually sends people home for once! CT tries his best to stay in the game, but maybe not as hard as Derrick tries. At this stage in the game, I guess you have to give it your best shot to stay in. They’re battling for a million bucks after all. *ch ch* MAIN HOUSE. No real elimination from the main house so it’s a bit laid back, but we end the episode with an eating challenge which is our favorite. Lots of puking and lots of fun! We go way off topic this week, which once guy on iTunes hates. So it goes.

2 thoughts on “Final Reckoning: Redemption House of Cards”

  1. I absolutely love your podcast and find you all to be really funny, but you’re struggling and so are some of your viewers so I thought I’d help you all define these terms.

    Bougie… sometimes spelled as Boujee

    A person who is Bougie is someone high brow. Always has their nose in the air and thinks they’re better than everyone else. Think Hillary from the Fresh Prince of Belair. She’s a rich kid who’s spoiled and looks down on her cousin.


    A quick insult towards someone. Something done on the sly. For example, “I love that you have to courage to wear that shirt”.


    To read someone is to insult them and tell them about them self. It’s not a backhanded compliment, a backhanded compliment would be considered “shade”. Reading someone it’s going all out on insulting them. Think when Laurel went in on Big Easy. Though that was extremely mean, that would be defined as a read. She brought to light truths about him and used them to berate him. Someone who has been properly read is usually left speechless.

    The link below is another example of a good quality read, Angela and Natalie failed at reading.

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