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TLH Episode 89 – Bad Moon and The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

There’s a full moon out tonight, as we discuss some kids vs werewolf films. We look at Bad Moon from 1996 and The Boy Who Cried Werewolf from 1973. After the break we talk Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Car, The Fan, and other random nerdy things.

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TLH Episode 88 – Theater of Blood and The Flesh and Blood Show

This week we class this shit up with some theater as we discuss Theater of Blood and The Flesh and Blood Show. We also discuss The Host, Hellevator,  Portal to the Unknown, Castlevania, Burning Bright, Prey, Savage Harvest, The Void, Graduation Day, The Belko Experiment, and The Mist.

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Movie Break: The Scorned with Tonya, Trishelle and Steven Hill

We’re on hiatus from The Challenge, so the crew sits down to discuss the forgotten horror movie, The Scorned starring Challenge alum Trishelle, Tonya and Steven. No drama this time around, or challenges or eliminations, but we do discuss blood and gore and death scenes. That’s similar, right?

TLH Episode 87 – Jessabelle and The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh

This week we take another look at some haunted house films with Jessabelle and The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh. Stay tuned for lots of discussion on Frightmare, The Comeback, The Survivor, The Rezort, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Dark Touch, Don’t Breathe, Ticks, Friday the 13th (2009), Chained, Occult Crimes, and Under the Skin.

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure…

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A Pre-Boot Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

With the morphinominal Power Rangers reboot movie hitting home video in just a couple weeks, I wanted to take the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the original theatrical outing of the multi-colored Teenagers With Attitudes so I popped in my DVD of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie.

Power Rangers The Movie was released in theaters in 1995 at the height of the Power Rangers popularity. The movie featured the second team featuring original rangers Tommy (White Ranger), Billy (Blue Ranger) and Kimberly (Pink Ranger) and new comers to  the series after the departure of the original Red, Black and Yellow Rangers. Adam (Black Ranger), Aisha (Yellow Ranger) and Rocky (Red Ranger) take over for Zack, Trini and Jason respectively.

The film’s plot, so much as there really is one, centers around Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa’s search for a centuries old Hyperlock Chamber that serves as a prison for the villainous Ivan Ooze who was imprisoned six thousand years ago by Power Rangers Leader and disembodied floating head Zordon.

Zedd wants Ivan Ooze to destroy Zordon and thereby destroying the Power Rangers. The destruction of the Ranger’s Command Center leads them on a quest on a far away planet to find a new power centered on Ninjitsu and the Ninja Zords.

In the absence of the Rangers to stand in his way, Ooze over throws Rita and Zedd, enslaves the parents of Angel Grove using mystical slime and begins the search for his own giant robots that were hidden long ago beneath Angel Grove. Naturally the Rangers find their new powers and Zords, return to earth, destroy Oozes Ecto-Morphicon Titans and then Ooze himself, saving Angel Grove and all of humanity.

Sure, its a pretty basic story all together, but honestly, what did you expect from The Power Rangers, Hamlet-like dramatics? So lets dig into the particulars. First, lets get the bad out of the way.

This is the Power Rangers. Its full of annoying sound effects during the fight scenes. Bonks, Zings and Swooshes are all over the place here. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they had been used lightly to accent a few moments when they kind of belonged, especially when it is just the “Teens” themselves fighting before they morph. Once the team morphs, swish away all you like. It fits in those moments and would give a nice division between teen and ranger.

Also, lets talk about the elephant in the room. The CGI. Dear god, the CGI is bad and it takes up the majority of the last 20 minutes of the movie once the Rangers return to earth to fight Ooze and his robots. I mean, I knew that they wouldn’t go with a guy in a suit, but come on, this is just insulting, especially when Ooze enters into the Wasp Morphicon Titan and it morphs into a giant CGI Ivan Ooze, its just the stuff of nightmares, and not in the good way.

But despite all of that, there is plenty to love about the movie. And the biggest saving grace is Paul Freeman (Raiders of the Lost Ark’s Belloq) as the lead villain Ivan Ooze. I read an interview that Freeman had never even heard of the franchise before taking the role, that he just loved the fact that Ivan Ooze was a classic over the top, scene chewing, ham of a villain and unashamedly so. Whenever Freeman is on screen (and Oozes design is outstanding) it is such a joy to watch him over act in the best of ways. He creates something so memorable and fun to watch out of something that could have been so outstandingly awful.

The movie does maintain the tone of Power Rangers and ups the look and the budget, giving pretty much everything from the TV show a much needed face lift for its first “big” budget outing. The design team should be applauded for taking a bunch of people in latex tights and making them look and feel like warriors. The look especially shines in the villains overhaul. Lord Zedd, still one of my favorite villain costumes of all time, looks terrifying to a kid. Even his exposed brain pulses and moves.

However, weirdly enough, there is one decision that was made that just utterly confuses me. Instead of using Babboo and Squat, 2 henchmen from the show, the team consolidated the two into a single new character that is never seen again. A pig monster named Mordont. He works fine, and the costume is lovely, its just a decision that confuses.

But, I cant end this review without talking about one of the stand out duos to make have a true character arc. Of course, I am talking about Bulk and Skull.

Throughout the original few seasons, Bulk and Skull were the antagonists to the unmorphed team. Always played for laughs, the duo quickly became a fan favorite in the series and made a splash with their move to the big screen. They go from being one note bullies to heroes through the course of the movie all while still keeping what made them so like-able to begin with, being the series answer to the 3 Stooges. Their arc from Bully to Hero does continue through the shows following seasons.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie moves along at a brisk pace, maintains its sense of fun and urgency, has some highly entertaining performances but does suffer from the technology of the time. Does it hold up? Well, yes… Kind of. When it works, it clicks on all cylinders, but when it fails, it fails hard. If you took your kid to see the reboot, why not show them the original movie? They will probably love it and you will get a bit of a nostalgic high. At the end of the day, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is worth your time.

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to be a retro gamer, checkout the SNES games attached to the movie, they are DAMN fun!

TLH Episode 86 – Sinister and The Canal

This week we discuss ghosts on film with Sinister and The Canal. We also talk about Child’s Play, Dead End Drive-In, Friday the 13th the game, and Occult Crimes.

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TLH Episode 85 – Fallen and The Hidden

This week we take a look at some body jumping horror movies with Fallen and The Hidden. After the break we hear from a new listener and discuss The Curse as well as other random horror things.

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Incognito Cinema Warriors: The Future of Riffing

It is simply a great time to be alive, especially if you love making fun of bad entertainment. It’s no secret that MST3K has influenced a generation of fans and comedians. One just has to look at the success of the crowd funding campaign for MST3K The Return. But what about those that choose to follow in the footsteps of Mike, Joel and the Bots?

Rifftrax, the official site for Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett has given voice to many amateur riffers on their site, but, like anything else, one particular group manages to stand head and tails above the competition. Enter the Incognito Cinema Warriors.

At a quick glance, the comparison to MST3K is obvious. A soldier is trapped in a movie theater by an insane scientist during the zombie apocalypse. In exchange for shelter from the hoards of undead, Rick Wolf and his robot friends are the subject of bad movies, shorts and video games and provide a running rifftastic commentary.

ICWXP, as the show is known in its short hand, takes its ques from MST3K, but ups the ante by providing a more adult oriented humor. They work a little bluer than the MST gang and seems to have more of a bite to it, but also like MST in its hey day, the show exemplifies the ideology behind independent cinema and the low budget, fly by the seat of your pants, doing it for the love of the craft style of film making.

Until very recently when they signed up for a patreon account, the show was done by people with day jobs, when they could do it, sacrificing time and money to pay homage to a show they obviously grew up with and loved. They are so good, in fact, that they even gained the attention of the Riff-Meister himself, Mike Nelson.

“These guys are good. Fast paced, funny riffing throughout. Now fellahs, would you please stop making my job look easy?”

And while their riffing of movies and shorts are fun and amazing, in my humble opinion, where these guys manage to make themselves stand out is their riffing of recent video games, especially on the Resident Evil remake.

If you have torn your way through MST3K: The Return and can’t wait between Rifftrax releases, why don’t you give these guys a chance. Check out their webpage here, and if you like them, consider throwing them a sheckle or two to show your appreciation and support this kind of indie entertainment.


Fox Announces Tom Hardy To Play Venom

With Spiderman: Homecoming due out in just a few months, and with the wall crawler already well established in the MCU, Sony is riding high on the hype machine. And never one to let the momentum die, Sony announces a major casting decision in their Spider-verse.

Tom Hardy has officially jumped ship from the DC universe (Bane – The Dark Knight Rises) to join the Marvel world as fan favorite Eddie Brock, better known as Venom.

The movie will be a stand alone and may not feature Spiderman at all. Nothing is known plot wise about the movie, but we do know that Venom will be directed by Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer.

Hopefully Fleischer will bring the same amount of charm, fun and action to Venom that he did to Zombieland.

Eddie Brock/Venom was previously played by Topher Grace in the critically and fan panned Spiderman 3, directed by Sam Raimi.

‘Alien:Covenant’ review: Is it more like ‘Alien’ or ‘Prometheus’?


When I told friends I saw the most recent addition to the Alien family last week, the first question was always the same: Was it more like Alien or Prometheus? And my answer is always the same, Yes but it is also it’s own. Ridley Scott’s masterful direction is both a sequel to Prometheus and a gateway that is leading the audience to Alien. The film’s prologue begins with a young Peter Weyland introducing his latest creation David (played by one of the best parts and performances of this movie Michael Fassbender) to the world. This is where the elements of Prometheus begin, the religious overtones of creation/God making Man. When David asks Weyland, “If God made Man, who made God?”, you can see Weyland’s’s face shift to the realization that his creation has questioned him and asked what he himself would like to know.

Then, piece by piece, the opening title sequence takes you back to Alien and the tone is set of what the audience is in for.  It’s 2104, 10 years after Prometheus and 18 years prior to the original Alien.   The Covenant is carrying the frozen cryosleep crew of twelve and 2,000 other sleepy frozen passengers along with 1000’s of embryos on a 7 year journey to a distant planet Origae-6 when it is thrown off course by a burst of crap/space storm/neutrino shock wave that shreds this gold shield thing and nearly kills everyone. Luckily, the humanoid watching over the ship, Walter (also Fassbender) wakes up the crew and saves the day, except for (spoiler alert) James Franco. If you are not a Franco fan then this is the movie for you because his demise is not pretty. The crew mourns briefly, fixes the ship, hears a beacon on a seemingly perfect new planet and despite the fact that they have a course set to a destination I’m pretty positive some really smart people have done a ton of research on, they take 3/4’s of the remaining crew and go to this equally inhabitable planet to explore and shortly after that all hell breaks loose.

So here are the pros: Covenant is a dark, haunting, exhilarating exploration in space and bloodier than the previous films in the franchise that brings the scares Prometheus lacked.The Xenomorphs are magnificent in size and scare factor and the introduction of the Neomorphs (add that to your lexicon) are both terrifying and adorable. Plush Neomorphs and baby Groots may be THE gift for the kids this summer. There is also a POV from the Xenomorph that I don’t recall experiencing as an audience member before. As for the performances, the standouts are

DF-14740 – Katherine Waterston as Daniels in ALIEN: COVENANT. Photo Credit: Mark Rogers.

Daniels (Katherine Waterston despite her Floyd Christmas haircut) the female lead reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley cautious, couragous and kicking ass. Faris (Amy Seimetz) the ship’s co-pilot who has the most believable performance from the moment she awakens from cryosleep to her encounter with an ill crew member and what transpires after, she is the only member of the team that follows protocol and her fear looks more than real. The standout and star is David/Walter (Fassbender) who is outstanding and entertaining especially in scenes where he acts with, himself. It is clear that writers John Logan and Dante Harper enjoyed writing the scenes between these two characters with a line like, “Watch me…I’ll do the fingering.”

Which leads to the cons: While practical effects were used, there is a quintessential scene where they were not and in my opinion missed the mark where it was an easy target. Award for worst crew in space goes to…. The Covenant. You have 2,000 lives on board your ship and you decide to go exploring? Last time I checked you had a mission and a destination but this shiny penny planet apparently means more than human existense. And who takes 3/4 of their remaining crew to “check out” a perfect uninhabited planet? Do they not show reruns of ANY television show set in space in 2104?

The character development is abysmal. What angers me about this is the 4 minute teaser trailer released 2 months before of a Last Supper with the crew that establishes relationships, personalites, banter and makes you feel and at least know more than 4 of the charachters names. Why this was not added to the final film I don’t understand because this 4 minute addition would have been that touch the film needed.

Despite the lack of character development and storyline plotholes, Covenant is a gorgeous film that splits the feel of Alien and Prometheus. The Covenant ship is a dead ringer for the Nostromo while the landscape of the planet, both barren of life and beautiful is reminiscent of Prometheus.The production design department led by Chris Seagers will be, in my opinion, nominated and possibly winning many accolades during awards season because of their exquisite craftmandship.

Alien:Covenant is a transition film that is an equal mix of Alien and Prometheus with the horror and tension of the original and the ambition to answer the question of creation and life from the latter. While it did not leave me feeling, anything actually, I do believe it is a film with some misses but a film that should be watched and enjoyed in the theater. I guess my disappointment is that I know this is a an A movie that ended up being a B. This is not the end however, which makes me hopeful. Alien:Covenant opens in theaters May 19th.


Garden Party Massacre – A Review

Good god I love Indie horror. I grew up on a steady stream of Troma and Full Moon movies as a kid (Ask your parents). There is something about a movie that is shot on a shoe string budget by people who love what they are doing, its elevates the idea into an art form.

Garden Party Massacre is a low budget, indie send up of your typical horror movies. Imagine if you would The 3 Stooges taking on Sam Raimi and you get the idea behind Garden Party Massacre.

Written, directed and starring Gregory Blair, Massacre begins as typical get together of several friend but quickly turns into a comedic romp that had me  giggling throughout the film. Massacre doesn’t take itself seriously and neither should you.

One of the hardest things to do is nail horror comedy, and Garden Party Massacre hits all the bloody beats in its brisk 1:10 play time and it uses every moment it has to full effect.

The pros – There are a lot of chuckles to be had and when you think you have the movie figured out, you don’t.

The Cons – Its a low budget indie movie. Some of the acting is questionable, but  I still had a damn good time watching this flick.

Garden Party Massacre is currently making the round on the festival circuit and from what I have seen, audiences are eating it up.  Check out the trailer below.


TLH Episode 84 – Pet Sematary and IT

This week we shine a spotlight on Stephen King with reviews of Pet Sematary and IT. After the break we have a lot more to talk about, including Get Out, Final Girl, Mulholland Dr., Bates Motel, Point of Terror, The Eyes of My Mother, The Devils, Train to Busan, Incarnate, The Bye Bye Man, and Hostage to the Devil.

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TLH Episode 83 – Arachnophobia and Matinee

This week Bryan leaves Scott and Doug to host alone, and that means two things; a spider movie is on the list and a short episode was recorded. They discuss the two early 90s John Goodman films Matinee and Arachnophobia, and that’s about it.

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TLH Episode 82 – The Changeling and The Haunting

This week it’s just Bryan and Doug. (Scott’s busy working on a secret clown related fanfic.) They manage to keep things together long enough to discuss a couple ghost movies; The Haunting and The Changeling [spoilers from 56:41-1:13:27].

Be sure to stick around for some very worthwhile thoughts on The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins, Blood Mania, Batman: The Killing Joke, Pet, and Kong: Skull Island.

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Chucky Goes All Inception For New Sequel

Don’t fuck with the Chuck!

After the stunning cinematic suppository that was Seed of Chucky (I still defend Bride, but that is another article entirely), it was a welcome return to form of the popular killer doll franchise when Curse of Chucky returned to its outright horror roots, and it seemed to have done well enough to actually get a new sequel greenlit as well.

We have known the title for the 7th installment of the long running series, Cult of Chucky, for a while but little has been mentioned as to what the movie will even be about, until now.

Cult of Chucky will pick up right after the events of Curse with the wheelchair bound Nica, played by none other than Brad Douriff’s (Voice of Chucky and Charles Lee Ray) daughter Fiona Douriff, being blamed for the vicious murder of her family.

“[‘Cult of Chucky’] picks up the story of Nica after the bloodbath that happens in the last movie, and Nica has taken the wrap for all of Chucky’s murders,” Mancini told the Monsterpalooza audience. “She was sent to a mental institution, and after four years of shock therapy and drugs, doctors have convinced her that Chucky was just a delusion and that she had actually murdered her entire family.

“It’s a cool prescription for suspense, right?[…]Then her doctor complicates matters by introducing into her group therapy sessions…a Chucky doll.”

Chucky is such a versatile character that you can plug him into different sub genres,” says Mancini, who calls the new film surreal. “This one is the mind fuck, Chucky meets ‘Inception’ because you’re dealing with a bunch of characters whose perception reality is altered by their madness, the drugs that their on, and by hypnosis.”

And there is good news for the gore hounds out there…

“The gore effects in this movie….this is definitly the goriest of all of the movies,” Mancini stated while assuring the audience that he wasn’t pandering to them. “[This] wasn’t something [we] set out to do, it just sort of turned out that way.”

Cult of Chucky is due to hit our screens sometime around October.

Thor Ragnarok Trailer Is Here!

The first trailer for Thor Ragnarok was just released.  I love it.  I feel like it’s taking a cue from the Guardians Of The Galaxy with the flashy retro font and colors along with the music but I don’t care.  I still love it. Plus we’re pretty much here on Planet Hulk.  Can’t wait to see them battle it out.  And Cate Blanchett looks amazing as Hela.  We see that Loki will be ringside for the battle of Thor and Hulk.  But what is not shown is what role Doctor Strange will play in the film.  What do you think of the trailer?  Are you excited?

Carrie Fisher To Appear In Episode IX

The sudden death of the beloved franchise great Carrie Fisher left many in the Star Wars fandom stunned and saddened. Thankfully, it was well known that Fisher’s role in Episode VIII had already been filmed, but many have been wondering just how Fisher would be written out of the franchise since Disney had pledged not to use a CGI version of her much like they did for Peter Cushing’s Governor Tarken. Well, we now have the answer. She won’t be.

Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd and Brother Todd Fisher has confirmed that Fisher will make an appearance in Episode IX saying “Both of us were like, ‘Yes, how do you take her out of it?’ And the answer is you don’t,” said Fisher at the opening night gala of the TCM Film Festival in Los Angeles. “She’s as much a part of it as anything and I think her presence now is even more powerful than it was, like Obi Wan — when the saber cuts him down he becomes more powerful,” Fisher also said. “I feel like that’s what’s happened with Carrie. I think the legacy should continue.”

“She’s in [Episode] VIII, and we’re not changing VIII to deal with her passing,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger of the upcoming “The Last Jedi” movie. “Her performance, which we’ve been really pleased with, remains as it was.”

It seems that Disney plans to re-purpose deleted scenes from both prior entries to create her role for the final film in the new trilogy. However it is not known how, to what degree or if they will eventually kill her off in the last installment to correspond with her potential absence in any further movies.

Geek Nerdery Podcast: Top 5 Animated Batman Films

I am once again joined by Sometimes Co-Host Mike and Michael from the Awesome 80s Podcast as we’re breaking down our Top 5 Animated Batman Movies!  Some claim to have the best list of everyone, some made their list just before we started.

After all that we chat about Wrestlemania 33.   Is it really Undertaker’s final match?  And the guys give their reactions to the new trailer for Stephen King’s IT.

In usual podcast chaos Sometimes Co-Host Mike and I knock equipment around and my cat seems to ring its bell a lot which I did not noticed while recording.  We aim for high quality here!

Music provided by The Fantastic Plastics.  Catch them this summer at Warped Tour.

Bad Lip Reading Awakens The Force

With the recent Blu Ray release of one of the best Star Wars movies ever made, Rogue One, and so much fan furor over the impending Episode 8, the fandom has never been bigger, and that means that the parodies have never been funnier.

Bad Lip Reading, the group responsible for some of the best and gut bustingly funny videos on youtube, have just dropped their latest case of mistaken dialogue in the form of The Force Awakens.

Bad Lip Reading burst onto the scene during the 2012 election cycle and followed it up with several highly acclaimed NFL, music video and movie readings, my personal favorite being Yoda’s music video for “Seagulls (Stop It Now).

Check out the latest video below and go give those guys a subscribe, you wont be disappointed.