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Knock Off Toys – The Worst Of Near Copyright Infringement

I love thrift stores, consignment warehouses and flea markets. I mean I REALLY love them. The thrill of the hunt and never quite knowing what you will find is a rush for my little collector heart. But among the myriad of awesome deals on old toys, games and movies, you are more than likely to run into a few toys that look oddly familiar yet wholly foreign. It is obvious that these toys where made to make a quick buck off of clueless parents looking for a quick and cheap toy for their kids. I’ve seen my fair share over the years, even bought a few that were just so outrageous that they had to be seen to be believed. Here are seven of the worst offenders that I have found will cruising the dark and weirder parts of the interwebs.

  1. Robert Cop – While his bigger brother Robo-Cop may have stolen the lime light, we have to give props to the every day ex-human cyborgs patrolling the streets.


2) E.T. Goes Pumping Iron – As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches this week, we all expect to add a few pounds. Thankfully E.T. has taken the appropriate steps to keep the calories off and go cruising for the ladies afterwards.


3) Episode 1 Han/C-3PO – You had one job, toy manufacturer…. 1 Job.


4) Super Cock – I really have no words for this one…. I just can’t right now.



5) Mow Gwai – Don’t get it wet, don’t expose it to sunlight and don’t teach it to say curse words.



6) Amicable Herculean – He may be a mutant turtle with a spear, but it seems like he may be a pretty decent fellow.



7) Ill Tempered Birds – Its not a sea bass, but these Ill Tempered Birds may make it in Dr. Evil’s organization.