Stuck & Compliance

This week, we’re taking a look at two films inspired by true events. First up, a woman hits a guy with her car and is annoyed that he is stuck in her windshield in STUCK. Then, working at a fast food place is bad enough, but when a guy on the phone claims he’s a police officer and makes you strip search a fellow co-worker, it’s disturbing in COMPLIANCE.

One False Move & A Simple Plan

This week, we’re taking a look at two Bill Paxton crime films that co-star Billy Bob Thorton. First up, they find some money in a plane but argue over how to spend it in A SIMPLE PLAN. Then, things get racy as Bill is a small-town sheriff who wants to go to the big time but has to contend with Billy Bob as a killer in ONE FALSE MOVE.

Our Man Flint & The Man Who Knew Too Little

This week, we’re looking at some wacky spy movies. First up, we head back to the swinging 60s, where we find Flint taking on a group of evil scientists who want to save the Earth in OUR MAN FLINT. Then, we go with Bill Murray on a live theater spy event that gets a little too real in THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE.

X-Ray & Hellhole

This week, we’re looking at some sleazy hospital horror. First up, a woman can’t seem to be able to leave the hospital as she’s stalked by a killer in X-RAY. Then, a woman is sent to an asylum where the head doctor begins doing terrible experiments on the patients in HELLHOLE.

Halloween 4 Commentary

As our Halloween gift to you, we present a commentary for Halloween 4. How is it as a sequel? We discuss that and much more during the film. Find a copy and listen along with us. Learn such things as how many times Loomis claimed he shot Michael in Halloween II. All this and more!

The Devil’s Backbone & Pan’s Labyrinth

Our final director’s spotlight of the spooky season sees us talking about Del Toro movies. First, we’re heading to an orphanage out in the middle of a desert that is being haunted by a troubled ghost in THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE. Then we find out about a magical kingdom where our wishes could come true in PAN’S LABYRINTH.

Prince Of Darkness & In The Mouth Of Madness

This week we’re looking at two of John Carpenter’s famed Apocalypse Trilogy. First up, Satan will be returning when a group of scientists spend the weekend in a church with an evil secret that will shake religion to its core in THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS. Then things go trippy when Sam Niel is tasked with finding a famed horror writer and shows up in a town that shouldn’t exist in IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS.

House On Haunted Hill & The Tingler

October means it’s time to celebrate the work of some horror directors. First up, we’re heading back to the 1950s to check out the work of celebrated gimmick filmmaker William Castle. Vincent Price invites us out to his spooky haunted house film HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. Then Vincent Price discovers where terror comes from in THE TINGLER.

Steel Dawn & Donnie Darko

We close out Swayze September with some of his lesser-celebrated roles. First up, pure water becomes scarce after World War III, and only one man can protect the only source of pure water left in STEEL DAWN. Then things get brain achy as Swayze plays a child predator in DONNIE DARKO.

Next Of Kin (1982) & Next Of Kin (1989)

This episode weirdly starts out salute to Patrick Swayze, as we don’t know until the very end that we’re doing Swayze September. First, we head over to the outback as we take over a creepy retirement home in NEXT OF KIN. Then we take our street smarts and become a cop in Chicago looking for our brother’s killer in NEXT OF KIN.

3:15 The Moment Of Truth & The Principal

In the 80s, gangs were the biggest problem facing every single high school in America. Let’s take a look at two examples of this problem. First up we welcome Jim Belushi to try and clean up the hallways of an inner city school with THE PRINCIPLE. Then we are ready for a fight in 3:15 The Moment Of Truth.

Taxi Driver & The King Of Comedy

This episode it’s all about Martin Scorcese films with Robert DeNiro as an obsessive psychopath. First up, we look at how an obsessive Robert DeNiro takes on pimps and politicians in TAXI DRIVER. Then we see how DeNiro deals with obsessive fandom in THE KING OF COMEDY.

The Barbarians & Think Big

We’re in double trouble as Noah picks two movies starring The Barbarian Brothers. First up, it’s double the Conan, double the fun in THE BARBARIANS. Then we hit the road as the brothers are truckers that try and stop a corporation from stealing an electronic device for evil means in THINK BIG.