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The Midnight Drive-In: Critters & Leprechaun

For some reason it was decided we should watch Critters and Leprechaun for this week’s show.  The only reason Doug gave was “Little things eating people.” Seemed like a good enough excuse to me.  Other things we talked about were Mom & Dad, Slasher, and Coffy.  We also ramble a lot in this episode.  Enjoy.

TLH Episode 17 – Critters and Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies go to College

This week while discussing some Gremlins rip offs, Scott is put in time out until further notice for his pick of Ghoulies go to College, and Doug assures us that Critters has less rape than The Last House on the Left.

After some listener feedback, we take a few minutes to discuss the new theatrical hit, Krampus.

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