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WrestleMania 37 Night Two

The night started with Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan dressed as pirates, giving a rundown of tonight’s event. Every time Hogan would get on the mic the crowd would just boo him. O’Neil was the crowd favorite. 

The opening match is one I been waiting to see. Orton came to the ring first but it was the Fiend who made a spectacle of his entrance by coming out of a jack in a box. The Fiend didn’t sell much but he got distracted by Alexa Bliss and got RKO’d and picked the L.


Night one at Mania Natalya and Tamina won the tag team turmoil match so they could face the champs at night two. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler walked in and out with the belts. This match was a cluster, you can hear spots being called for days and Natalya’s Jericho style hair was a bit distracting.

The rivalry between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn I been following for years. Whenever you put them in the same ring together it’s always gold. The factor in this match was the celebrity guest, Logan Paul (thank the Wrestling God, JBL who was on commentary for this match.) who was just a spectator but got a stunner by Owens after the match… The match itself was great, Owens took some wild bumps and took a nasty helluva kick. This match had that ROH feel at times.

The match that stole the show at Night One was Rollins-Cesaro, yes I went back and watched the match. I was so happy Cesaro won and the world got to see the UFO spin. The match that stole the show at Night Two was Sheamus-Riddle for the US Championship. I thought for sure Riddle was walking out as champ since he’s been on a roll since facing the Hurt Business, but Sheamus won with a brogue kick to a spring boarding Riddle. Now I like to see where Riddle goes from here, maybe rematch or new storyline.

The Nigerian Drum Fight match was basically a hardcore match with drums and a gong surrounding the ring. Big E got screwed by an assailant who attacked him to help Crews win to become the new IC Champion. Big E did do his spear through the ropes and Crews hit a DVD on the hardest part of the ring. I wish this match was a bit longer and without it being hardcore. These two can go and want to see more from them. 

Rhea Ripley took on Asuka and became the new RAW Women’s Champion. I wasn’t really feeling this match. I stopped supporting Ripley about a year ago, I just don’t find her character entertaining. She’s just a punk rock chic… At least Lita was entertaining. Asuka did come to the ring wearing a F13 inspired hockey mask.

The main event was the triple threat match for the SmackDown Championship. I been on a Roman Reigns kick as of late, he’s been a great heel. It was great seeing Edge back in the ring too, and yes it did feel like Daniel Bryan was a third wheel. Edge did his greatest hits when it comes to moves and finishes. Even hit a conchairto on Bryan. The highlight in the match came when Edge and Reigns both went for a spear and collided in mid air. Reigns had a lot of help from Jey Uso and because of that Roman walked out with the W. He pinned both Edge and Bryan.

The Big Dog.

On a side note… I loved Orton and Edge’s ring attire. Both wearing white and red. Also, since Rhea Ripley is called the Nightmare, and Asuka had a F13 mask… So, Freddy vs Jason? Just a thought.

Elimination Chamber Aftermath (2017)

I totally forgot that Elimination Chamber was an all SmackDown Pay Per View, because I was looking forward to Kevin Owens defending his championship against Goldberg. But that will take place at Fastlane next month.

I pretty much skipped the first half because The Walking Dead was on but Orton-Harper put on a great match. Liked to see Harper win because Orton already is going to WrestleMania and this loss would not hurt him at all.

The main event was good. Baron Corbin put on a strong performance. Cena-Styles never disappoints as always. But it was Bray Wyatt who became the new WWE Champion and it’s been a long time coming… Side Note: Like the new look to the Elimination Chamber.

When WrestleMania comes around and the E doesn’t change their card we will see Wyatt-Orton for the WWE Championship. I say keep it on Wyatt, he doesn’t need it but it’s nice to see him with it. He’s like Jake Roberts or Roddy Piper, so good he doesn’t need a championship.

See you at Fastlane…