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The Midnight Drive-In: Slater September! Twilight Zone The Movie & Tales From The Darkside The Movie

Week 2 of Slater September is here.  First up is the movie take on some classic episodes of The Twilight Zone.  We chat about some of our favorite episodes and also talk the big controversy with the film.  After that Christian Slater appears in Tales From The Darkside The Movie to chop up some mummies.  Sit back and enjoy some classic horror anthologies.

TLH Episode 43 – Bordello of Blood and Demon Knight

Welcome kiddies to tonight’s tale of death, demons, and debauchery. We begin our ghoulish review with a look at a fiendish favorite, Demon Knight. But don’t scream just yet, because we follow it up with a discussion of the titillating terror tale, Bordello of Blood. So stay tuned, boys and ghouls. It’s going to be one “hell” of an episode.

Oh, and if you don’t want to hear a bunch of talk about professional wrestling, you may as well “kill” the episode at 1:40:00.

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