Trick ‘r Treat Commentary

For a fun Halloween bonus surprise we sat down and recorded a commentary to be watched with the newer holiday classic Trick ‘r Treat. So cue up your videos, grab the popcorn, and make sure you honor all those Halloween traditions or Sam will be displeased.

One thought on “Trick ‘r Treat Commentary”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the bonus commentary episode. This film was a first time watch for me, so I watched it with and without the entertaining words from you all. I enjoyed the film, especially as the stories intertwined and were not just stand alone shorts. I have purchased it for future Halloween watches.
    Your podcast is a must listen for me, I have discovered some good and bad recommendations from yourselves, ( loved Tusk, Lightening bug & Demons – hated The Bed that Eats, Tentacles & the Magician one.)
    Congratulations on your 150th podcast, you offer entertaining monologue and insight on both substandard and well made must see movies, that may have gone under the radar of the general cinema going public.
    Just one wish list ( Noah will probably say NO!) Can us meagre listeners put forward our own suggestions for a watch list for you to choose from and commentate on? You can try and link it to one from your list in some creative way. Fingers crossed, Tracey (Cornwall U.K.)

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