UHF & Amazon Women On The Moon

It’s the 200th episode! We decide to take a look at some crazy TV stations. First up we get all gaga over Weird Al in UHF. After that we take a weird trip into TVland with AMAZON WOMEN IN THE MOON. Next we talk about UNDERWATER, NIGHTWATCH, TWISTER, and WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. We end by talking about this week’s weird episode of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT.

2 thoughts on “UHF & Amazon Women On The Moon”

  1. Hey guys. Congratulations on making it to 200 episodes. I heard of the last horrocast from The Horror Etc podcast and then came here when both of them ended. Now that its back any chance of a crossover. I found a lot of strange fun movies from you guys and the recommendations of tv shows too were great as well. I recently watched a horror film called The Medusas Gaze that has Richard Burton in it and I think you guys would enjoy it. Also Kentucky Fried Movie isn’t as good as Amazon Women On The Moon but it does have a brilliant Enter The Dragon Parody that is as well researched as the naked invisible man skit in Amazon Women on The Moon. Thanks for all the great episodes

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