Mothra & Frankenstein Conquers The World

Week 3 of Kai-July rolls forward. We talk about singing fairies in MOTHRA. Then we talk about the complexities in foreign relations in FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD. After that, we talk about THE BLACK PHONE, YOGA HOSERS, and Doug gives a spirited review of THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER before we end the show with a spoilery discussion of MS. MARVEL.

One thought on “Mothra & Frankenstein Conquers The World”

  1. Hey guys. Glad to see so many Kaiju films getting reviewed. If you haven’t already seen it then id say watch Shin Godzilla from 2016. Its got a boardroom scene where the scientists comment on all the Godzilla and Kaiju science not making sense and is a lot of fun. Also Im about of the same opinion on Thor Love and Thunder but Im not worried that this the future of the mcu. The movie seems annoyed at the pathos of Thor from infinity war and endgame and tries to undo all of it whilst making jokes that it doesn’t care about anything. I feel like it will be all forgotten by the next time he shows up and will just be the Thor from the end of endgame. Also with the multiverse they can bring back Christian Bale as Gore. Maybe from a universe where he did wipe out the gods and like Ultron from what if than goes to other universes to do the same. Also which Kaiju that haven’t teamed up in a movie do you think should team up and who would they fight?

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