Stuck & Compliance

This week, we’re taking a look at two films inspired by true events. First up, a woman hits a guy with her car and is annoyed that he is stuck in her windshield in STUCK. Then, working at a fast food place is bad enough, but when a guy on the phone claims he’s a police officer and makes you strip search a fellow co-worker, it’s disturbing in COMPLIANCE.

One thought on “Stuck & Compliance”

  1. Bryan,
    Since you ended the episode with a discussion of how many 80’s movies could never be considered acceptable today I had to bring up a 1971 movie I just caught up with decades later that makes your examples seem like the most acceptable movies ever. I’m talking about Pretty Maids all in A Row. I had picked up a copy quite awhile back but just got around to watching it recently. I was curious as it was written by Gene Roddenberry ( Star Trek) and stars Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson, Telly Savalas and featuring Roddy McDowall, James Doohan, Keenan Wynn and was directed by Roger Vadim. But the basic plot outline is a male student is getting regular erections in school due to all the hot girls in extremely short mini skirts, so coach/ guidance counselor Hudson convinces hot teacher Dickinson to have the student come to her home to get over this ( which leads to her sleeping with the student. Meanwhile Hudson is having affairs with a number of the students and staff but then murdering them because they are too in love with him and that’s a threat to his marriage. Advertised as a dark comedy but I was truly shocked by how amazingly inappropriate it is 53 years later.

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