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Alone In The Dark & Hollow Man 2

Week 3 of Slater September rolls on. Bryan and Doug are joined by their old Podcasting Co-host Scott to talk about the video game turned movie ALONE IN THE DARK. Then they compare Christian Slater to Kevin Bacon in HOLLOW MAN 2. After that, we chat about JAWS yet again, BARBARIAN, and CHUCKY.

Mobsters & Very Bad Things

It’s ensemble week here during Slater September. First up, Slater leads a gang of ruffians in MOBSTERS. Then while in vegas Slater convinces his friends to do VERY BAD THINGS. After that, we discuss JAWS (again), HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER II, and SHE-HULK.

Twisted & The Legend Of Billie Jean

Slater September is finally here! First, we take a look at 1986’s TWISTED where Slater plays a young racist brat. Then we head over to THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN where Slater helps his sister become a rebel icon. After that, we chat about JAWS, DOLLS, and BODY BAGS.

The Vineyard & The Jitters

We’re taking a look at a couple of James Hong films. First up we learn about eternal life and wine! It’s THE VINEYARD. Then hopping vampires fight the worst gang ever on-screen in THE JITTERS. Then we talk about some Richard Pryor movies, SHE-HULK, and THE FALL.

30 Days Of Night & Frostbite

It’s cold vampires this week. First up we spend our time up in Alaska fighting Russian vampires in 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. Then we head to Sweden for some pill-popping vampires in FROSTBITE. After that, we chat about NOPE, DCs LEAGUE OF PETS, and end the show by discussing the WB’s decision to shelve BATGIRL.

Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster & The X From Outer Space

Kai-July ends with a team-up movie as Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra take on GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER. After that, we head to outer space to find weird jelly things that turn into giant lizards on earth with THE X FROM OUTER SPACE. Then we talk about NOPE, BLACK BOX, and THE REQUIN.

Mothra & Frankenstein Conquers The World

Week 3 of Kai-July rolls forward. We talk about singing fairies in MOTHRA. Then we talk about the complexities in foreign relations in FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD. After that, we talk about THE BLACK PHONE, YOGA HOSERS, and Doug gives a spirited review of THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER before we end the show with a spoilery discussion of MS. MARVEL.

Gojira & Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe

We kick off week 1 of Kai-July with two monster hits. First up we go back to the beginning as we take a look at the original 1954 GOJIRA. Then we travel to the mysterious year of 1995 when we talk about GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE. After all that we talk about KIDS IN THE HALL, SUBURBIA, and briefly touch on the finale of STRANGER THINGS.

Jacob’sLadder & The Cell

We’re releasing this on July 4th as a political statement about how veterans are mistreated in this country after war and it’s for sure not because Bryan was too lazy to edit it. First up we’re looking at how war can mess up one’s mind in JACOB’S LADDER. Then we go inside Vincent D’Onofrio’s mind in THE CELL. After that we chat about THE THING and end the show on a spoilery discussion about the whole season of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

RATS Night Of Terror & Food Of The Gods II

We’re diving back into killer rat movies! First up we look at the future where roving bands of drifters somehow have gas and find food that is still good in RATS NIGHT OF TERROR. Then we laugh at giant children in FOOD OF THE GODS II. After that, we chat about THE BOYS SEASON 3, MS. MARVEL, and CRIMES OF THE FUTURE.

Deathstalker II & Deathstalker IV

We return to the land of Deathstalker. First, we wonder why things got so campy in DEATHSTALKER II. Then it’s time for an underground tournament in DEATHSTALKER IV. After that, we talk about NIGHTBOOKS, THE BOYS SEASON 3, and KIDS IN THE HALL. We end the show with an hour-long spoilery talk about STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4.

Midnight Madness & Cannonball Run

This week it’s all about groups of people driving around looking for things. First we participate in the Great All Nighter in MIDNIGHT MADNESS. Then we hitch a ride with Burt Reynolds in CANNONBALL RUN. After that we chat about THE VOID, NEW YORK NINJA, and 78/52.

Oasis Of The Zombies & Zombie Lake

It’s Nazi Zombie Week on the show! First up Noah gets really mad at OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES. Then we head over for some naked swimming in ZOMBIE LAKE. After that, we talk about MEN, CHIP ‘N DALE’S RESCUE RANGERS, and COUNT DRACULA.

Stargate & The Mummy

We travel back to the 90s to discuss some Egyptian-themed films. First, we cross over in STARGATE. Then we fight some mummies in the 1999 THE MUMMY. After that, we talk about FIRESTARTER, DIRTY WORK, and Bryan recounts his trip to the LATE NIGHT GRINDHOUSE 12 hour mystery movie marathon. Spoiler: It was great.

Mr. Mom & Mr. Nanny

We look at films with the crazy concept that men have to look after children while women go to work. I know, it’s terrifying. First up Michael Keaton gets too into soap operas in MR. MOM. Then we wait for Hulk Hogan to say something inappropriate in MR. NANNY. We then talk about THE NORTHMAN and do a spoilery discussion about DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS and the last episode of MOON KNIGHT.

Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer & Confessions Of A Serial Killer

It’s a tough week as we discuss the real life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. First up we are in awe of Michael Rooker in HENRY PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER. Then we scoff at the filmmaking in CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL KILLER. We follow that up with discussions of OZARK, SEVERANCE, and CRUISING. We of course then end with a spoiler discussion of MOON KNIGHT.