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The Bride of Frankenstein

Tonight, Bryan and I say goodbye. Last year we set out on a journey to see how well some of the highest (and lowest) regarded horror movies stood up to the viewing of a newbie to horror. There were some surprises along the way for sure. And while there are plenty more movies to watch, at this point we’re passing the torch to you, the listener to decide what’s good and what’s bad. We leave you with one last classic, The Bride of Frankenstein.

The Toxic Avenger

Once again, Bryan is MIA and Noah fills in. This week he brings The Toxic Avenger with him in an attempt to sway Scott to the ways of Troma. After mild protest, Scott remembers that he and Noah both love the same shitty movies and settles in.

The Collector

This week Bryan goes missing and rather than look for him, Scott finds a guest host, Noah. Not only that, but Noah makes Scott watch a movie he’s never seen before, The Collector. Does Scott like giving up control? Will Noah be invited back? Is Bryan really dead? Tune in to find out.