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Taxi Driver & The King Of Comedy

This episode it’s all about Martin Scorcese films with Robert DeNiro as an obsessive psychopath. First up, we look at how an obsessive Robert DeNiro takes on pimps and politicians in TAXI DRIVER. Then we see how DeNiro deals with obsessive fandom in THE KING OF COMEDY.

The Barbarians & Think Big

We’re in double trouble as Noah picks two movies starring The Barbarian Brothers. First up, it’s double the Conan, double the fun in THE BARBARIANS. Then we hit the road as the brothers are truckers that try and stop a corporation from stealing an electronic device for evil means in THINK BIG.

The Secret Of Nimh & An American Tail

We’re checking out two Don Bluth animated features. As a bonus, Dom DeLuise is in both! First up we immigrate from Russia in the hopes of there being no cats in AN AMERICAN TAIL. Then we try and move our house with the use of an amulet in THE SECRET OF NIMH.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space & Morons From Outer Space

This is being released on May 27th totally on purpose because it is the 35th anniversary of Killer Klowns From Outer Space being released. It has nothing to do with being lazy and just not editing the show in a timely manner and this date proved to be a perfect time to release the episode. Completely planned out and on purpose. Totally. 

We’re meeting some beings from outer space in this episode. First, we find out what happens when we make aliens celebrities in MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE. Then things get weird as some aliens come down that look just like clowns in KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE!

Highlander & Pet Sematary 2

We’re celebrating Clancy Brown with two of his genre films. First up, there can be only one as the Kurgin tries to stay immortal in HIGHLANDER. Then he tries to teach his stepson some manners and that sometimes Dead Is Better in PET SEMATARY 2.

Seven Hours To Judgment & Night Of The Running Man

This episode we take a look at two films where our heroes are running to something or away from something. First up, Beau Bridges is a judge who is forced to find the evidence to convict a killer, or his wife dies, in SEVEN HOURS TO JUDGMENT. Then, Andrew McCarthy finds a briefcase full of money and wants to make sure he never gets caught with it in NIGHT OF THE RUNNING MAN.

Hero At Large & Dead Husbands

This week we’re reviewing films from one of our favorite comedic actors in John Ritter. First up, we take a look at a superhero film that sees John Ritter take on the persona of Captain Avenger in HERO AT LARGE. Then John Ritter is fearing for his life in DEAD HUSBANDS.

Antiviral & Chained

This week we’re looking at the kids of famous filmmakers. First up is the Brandon Cronenberg film about people’s obsessions with celebrity in ANTIVIRAL. Then Jennifer Lynch takes us in the home of a twisted serial killer that is unsurprisingly played by Vincent D’ Onofrio in CHAINED.

Prom Night & Blue Steel

To celebrate Jamie Lee Curtis winning an Oscar, we’re reviewing two of her earlier films. It’s time for the big night as we get dressed up for PROM NIGHT. Then it’s our first day on the job when we face off against a robber in BLUE STEEL. Congrats Jamie Lee!