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New Images Released Of Pennywise In It Remake

Well, it is still happening. The remake of IT rolls on with its production and now we have a couple of new images of this version of Pennywise. Now, nothing will ever beat Tim Curry’s version, but this one looks like they are going for a more overtly sinister version in his clown form this time around.

I am sure I will see this one when it hits VOD or Blu-Ray, but now I just kind of want to go watch the original again. What are your thoughts on this new killer clown?


TLH Episode 21 – Amusement and Clown

This week on the show, we discuss a good clown movie, a bad movie that’s not about clowns, Doug makes some embarrassing confessions, and Scott gets put even deeper into time out for his recent run of bad film picks.

After the break, we get into some fan feedback, discuss our contest, and tell you the secret of how you can both support the show and be awesome at the same time.

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