23min of Halloween Ska

Hey GeekNerdery readers, it’s been a while since my last post throwing a bunch of ska music at you all. To be blunt I hatched a plan, a plan to give you something a little bit special. By that, I mean a special episode of the podcast. Not just any special episode, but a holiday special. But let’s not stop there, let’s have it be for the best holiday, let’s have it be a Halloween special!  The big boss man over here at GeekNerdery gave me the go-ahead and here we are! I hope you all enjoy this small treat for your Halloween listening enjoyment.

00:00 – MU330 – Please Don’t Run (Ska is Dead ’07)
01:51 – Skavoovee & the Epitones – Blood Red Sky (Ripe ’97)
05:09 – Big D & the Kids Table – Deadpan (Strictly Rude ’07)
07:40 – the Slackers – the Mummy (the Question ’98)
10:48 – Be Like Max – Party in Hell (Against All Odds ’15)
13:54 – King Kong Girio – Dead Surfer’s Lament (Now that I’m Gone ’13)
15:13 – the Talks – Don’t Look Behind You (Commoners, Peers, Drunks & Thieves ’14)
18:06 – the Bandulus – Evildoers (the Times We Had ’12)
20:04 – Buck-O-Nine – Don’t be Afraid (Punk Rock Halloween ’17)

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