Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Tony Wash

Today why don’t we take some suggestions from someone who makes horror movies? Tony Wash has been making indie horror films for awhile and he knows his stuff. Take a look at his recommends below.

1. Phantasm II

Sure, every horror fan knows about this series and sure, Phantasm II makes zero sense, which is about zero more sense than the other four movies in the series make.  But damn do I love this movie!  I think a large part of my affinity for Phantasm II comes from watching it numerous times as a child.  This movie easily added to my developing love of the horror genre with its awesome practical creature FX, the ominous Tall Man, a four-barreled shotgun, and of course, the Flying Silver Balls of Death!

2. The Evil

Richard Crenna of Rambo fame stars in this seldom seen Roger Corman horror flick.  Same premise as most; a bunch of people who go to clean up an old house that is supposedly haunted get killed off one by one.  This is easily one of the coolest and largest houses I’ve seen a horror film shot in, and for someone who absolutely loves the “people who die in a haunted house” concept, this is no exception.

3. House By The Cemetery

Lucio Fulci doesn’t get as much credit as Dario Argento when it comes to Italian horror, which disappoints me because I am such a hard core fan of this film, as well as The Beyond and Zombie.  To a degree though, I have to wonder if his lack of fame was on account to how absurd and nonsensical his movie’s were.  HbtC is certainly no different.  A family moves into a creepy old house (the same house’s facade is used in Umberto Lenzi’s 1988 movie Ghosthouse) and discovers that the original owner, a Dr. Freudstein was responsible for a number of heinous acts against mankind and is still alive and murdering people… whilst still living in their basement!  It really doesn’t make much sense at all, but I love this movie all the same.  Don’t hate me if you despise the little kid Bob’s dubbed voice, it is truly cacophonous.

4. Beyond The Black Rainbow

Every horror fan saw last year’s indie success Mandy, but have you all seen director Panos Casmatos’ earlier film, Beyond The Black Rainbow?  Bursting with some of the best visuals a low budget indie has ever graced the screen with, this film’s production design and cinematography alone should’ve put it on your radar.  Though more sci-fi than horror, this movie still possesses tons of eerie imagery and situations to rank it amongst one of my favorite horror films of recent years.

5. Skeletons in the Closet

Yeah, yeah, yeah so I’m bringing up one of my own films, but honestly, it could use the promotion and views from true horror fans.  So if you haven’t seen this fun 80s horror anthology, check it out on Amazon Prime, iTunes, PopcornFlix, tubi, or pick up a copy from my website, scotchworthy.com.  If the trailer alone doesn’t intrigue you enough to check this flick out, no harm no foul.  But if you like 80s horror specifically revolving around supernatural terror mixed with equal parts comedy, this is the perfect film for your next viewing party.

Tony Wash is a horror filmmaker out of Chicago. His films can be found at the following links:

Tony Wash
Scotchworthy Productions, Inc.

Short Film Curator www.Bloody-Disgusting.com

2018 Show Reel https://vimeo.com/251458782

Skeletons in the Closet Trailer (NSFW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5szjVvzAW_Q

The Rake Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzV_JQnNurQ

High on the Hog Trailer (NSFW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnSRbTmQnPc

World of Death Trailer (NSFW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HAPLjEB8PI

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