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Don’t Breathe Blu-Ray Review

If you missed it in theaters then I’m happy to tell you that Don’t Breathe hits dvd and blu ray on November 29th and my friends at Sony were kind enough to send over a copy for me to check out.

Don't Sleeve Trio

The movie itself is great.  I saw it in the theater and loved it and it hasn’t changed on disc.  It is so full of tension and dread that it’s perfect any horror fan.  This film takes the idea of the home invasion film and flips it on its head.  Here a trio of theives break into a blind man’s house for what they think is an easy score only to find out that the blind man may be more than they bargained for.

The production design and sound design on this film are outstanding.  Sometimes it makes you scared to breathe it’s so quiet and then so tense that the sound feels like it’s about to burst your ear drums.  Steven Lang does a great job as the blind man.  He makes it believable and flat out scary that someone like this could exist.

The special features on the blu ray are a little lackluster.  I had hoped for a more but sadly retail releases are becoming less and less robust as digital content has taken over.  For us that still love physical media it makes me sad.  It has 5 featurettes that are about 5 minutes apiece.  After hearing Fede Alvarez on the Shock Waves Podcast I was looking forward to diving into and breaking down this story but we only get a quick look at different aspects of the film like the cast, set, sound, etc.  It’s better than nothing but I would have loved more.

Overall I would still recommend this as I love the movie and that alone is worth a purchase whether it’s a digital purchase or a physical one.  I do recommend turning off all the lights and putting away all distractions.  Follow the Blind Man into his world and hope that he lets you out.