DirecTV Drops Chiller TV

If I’m not watching WWE or The Walking Dead my television is always on Chiller TV. Don’t care if it’s a marathon of The X-Files or an heavy edited movie like Beyond Re-Animator I always found joy on that channel.

Two movies that I watched on Chiller and went out and bought was Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (2005) and Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005). I didn’t even know there was more Return movies after part three. Slasher was a fantastic series Chiller aired in 2016. Lastly the Chiller and Scream Factory original movie, Fender Bender (2016) was a highlight for me when it came to horror movies last year.

Reason I’m writing all this is I found out that DirecTV-AT&T has dropped Chiller TV from their cable packages and or you gotta pay a higher cable package to get the channel back, that’s what the dirt sheets are saying and it’s disappointing. I guess SyFy will be my go to for light night horror at 3 a.m. It’s an end of an era in the Massive One’s household.

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  1. You might check out which is available for most streaming boxes as an alternative as well. I know they have the Shout! Factory channel and at least one horror one (although it may be the usual collection of public domain stuff).

    I just installed it not too long ago, so I haven’t got to explore it fully yet, but it’s at least a neat concept.

  2. I think it’s total bullshit that direct TV drops a favorite channel just to charge u more to get it back that channel has been apart of my package since I’ve had direct TV maybe I’ll just drop direct TV for another provider to get the channel back instead of paying them more to get it back a loyal customer of direct TV for over 10 years again total bullshit on dropping channel 257 chiller

    1. My thoughts exactly I was a prime star customer then direct tv bought them out have stayed with them but paying for nothing but reruns and stupid ass reality shows . Chiller and Syfy are our go to channels now they want more money for what I already have been paying for 😡😡😡Time for another provider.

  3. I think Chiller being dropped from cable is completely bullshit!!! It’s being said that SyFy is where the scares and thrills will be. How can that be true when all syfy shows is science fiction??? Hence the name of the channel!!!!
    So now what can horror fans do???? If you don’t have the money to get ShowtimeBeyond which shows many horror movies then you’re screwed!!!!! When we got cable out here in the country 15 yrs, ago through I saw that Chillertv was available!!! I did fricking backflips!!!!! But now with NBC National Bully Circuit they are kicking us to the curb and putting their shit up front. SHAME on you National Bully Circuit…….you are pathetic and I will NEVER watch anything on your network again!!!!

  4. this is bs that they dropped the chiller channel when i watch it a lot hell most of my movies i got recorded are on the chiller or syfy channel they need to put it back on

  5. Direct tv by dropping chiller channel was kind of good.what they should have done while chiller channel was on they should have played old school horror movies tv series like talk from the crypt nay a couple of new movies but that shit they kept repeating like those bad horror new age movies they should have kept I didn’t enjoy x files when it first aired and still don’t like it now.

  6. Ya it sucks for those who liked it. I never watched it because of the lame movies they would show over and over again. Wish there was a Creep channel that showed old good ones. Oooo like the original Dark Shadows series.🤨🤨🤨 Wishful thinking on my part!!!

  7. Total Bull! Total fan of CHILLER TV, the only reason I went with ATT vs. Xfinity (because we ALL know X is better) was for this channel! So disappointed and upset that ATT couldn’t even grandfather those who already had it and make the adjustment with new customers going forward. No loyalty!!!

  8. NBC Universal, the owner of Chiller stopped broadcasting the channel. It is no longer available on ANY provider. There was a message in the on screen guide explaining this.

    1. This probably explains why the Direct TV representative didn’t know what happened to the Chiller channel.

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