Midnight Drive-In: Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS & Surf Nazis Must Die

Drive right in and take your spot in front of the screen.  Grab a speaker off the pole and sit down to enjoy the first episode of Midnight Drive-In.  For our first episode we decided to dive into a topic that is weirdly back on people’s minds.  Nazis.  We check out Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS and Surf Nazis Must Die!  Then we go into some other stuff we’ve been watching.  If you want to contact the show email us at themidnightdrivein@gmail.com or hit us up on twitter @MNDriveInPod.  And of course there is always the Facebook group.  See you all at the concession stand.

One thought on “Midnight Drive-In: Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS & Surf Nazis Must Die”

  1. Wow.. where to start. Def miss Scott but Noah seems to fit right in. So glad you guys have risen from the ashes. I couldn’t handle loosing my top two podcasts even though the other one (which Doug was a part of also) has been gone for sometime. Anyways you guys kick ass ! Great first show again.. hard to beat chopping mall and you didn’t to be clear lol. I hope you guys can still do movies like you did on TLHC and also the new extreme things your doing now. Would be a great and awesome variety of movies. Sorry so long. Oh one last thing. If you guys know what movies your going to watch could you still let us know. y’all seemed like that was still undecided on the last show but I look forward to watching the movies before you guys talk about them. Feels more like us the audience is part of the show that way. Thanks

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