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Used Cars & Big Trouble In Little China

Kurt Russell Week continues! This week we look at two films that have a weird connection outside of the obvious Kurt Russell thing. First Kurt tries to sell us some USED CARS. Then he just wants his truck back in BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. After that we talk ONE HOUR PHOTO, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and we wrap up our WANDAVISION talk with our usual spoilery discussion.

Search For The Gods & The Deadly Tower

Kurt Russell month continues! This week it’s TV movies from 1975. First up we get tricked into a TV pilot with SEARCH FOR THE GODS. Then things take a dark turn with THE DEADLY TOWER. After that we discuss WATCHMEN, I CARE A LOT, and end with our WANDAVISION coverage.

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes & The Barefoot Executive

It’s Kurt Russell Appreciation Month! We start off with some of his early Disney films. First up is Kurt Russell as a college student who gets computer superpowers in THE COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES. Then Kurt Russell uses a monkey to predict hit TV shows in THE BAREFOOT EXECUTIVE. After that we discuss DOOM PATROL, SUPERMAN & LOIS, and end up with our usual WANDAVISION spoiler discussion.

I’m Gonna Get You Sucka & Black Dynamite

This week it’s a trip back to the past with two films that look to the Blaxplotation genre for inspiration. First up we’re taking the stairs with I’M GONNA GET YOU SUCKA. Then we declare war with who ever sells drugs in the community with BLACK DYNAMITE. After that we talk about DOOM PATROL, ENTER THE DRAGON, and end with some WANDAVISION talk which leads to some TITANS and DOOM PATROL chat.

I Saw What You Did 1965 & I Saw What You Did 1988

This week we’re trying out an experiment where we watch an original movie and then try out the remake. First up we take a look at the phone prank film from William Castle I SAW WHAT YOU DID. After that Shawnee Smith stalks the guy from REVENGE OF THE NERDS in the 1988 TV Movie remake I SAW WHAT YOU DID. After that we talk about Spaced (I’m not kidding), TENET, and HARRY BROWN. We also end the show with our usual spoilery WANDAVISION review.

Nosferatu The Vampyre & Schizoid

This week we talk a couple Klaus Kinski movies. First up Noah gets weirded out by Kinski’s lips in NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE. Then we get some group therapy with SCHIZOID. After that we talk about Deja Vu, Spaced (yes again), and end with a spoilery talk about the new WandaVision and Kong vs. Godzilla trailer.

The Hunger & Innocent Blood

It’s vampire week here on the show. First up we watch THE HUNGER as a vampire David Bowie ages before our very eyes. Then vampires get all up in the mob in INNOCENT BLOOD. We also chat about the new TWILIGHT ZONE, SPACED, and NIGHT STALKER. We end with a spoilery chat about WandaVision!

Firewalker & River Of Death

This week we’re going treasure hunting. First up we ride around with Chuck Norris and Louis Gossett Jr. in FIREWALKER. Then Michael Dudikoff takes us up river to fight some Nazis in RIVER OF DEATH. We also talk about YOU CANNOT KILL DAVID ARQUETTE, SPACED, and THE GIFTED.

Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat

Time to go back to the 90s and play some video games. First up we talk about how ridiculous the plot is to STREET FIGHTER. After that we talk about how MORTAL KOMBAT should be more diverse but is still pretty awesome. We also chat about BUFFY, WW84, and some COBRA KAI (be warned there be spoilers).