The Rise And Fall Of Collect-O-Thons

Since the early days of the SNES, when “Retro Gaming” was still in its infancy, retro gaming found a place in peoples consoles in the form re-releases of classic games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and even up to the updating of Super Mario All Stars.

Now that game developers have had several generations to perfect the process of 3D graphics and game play, and we OG gamers are getting older and have plenty (ish) of disposable income, retro style games have found new life thanks to crowd funding platforms like Indie-GoGo.

The newest game to make waves to come from  the crowd source scene is the Banjo-Kazooie clone, Yooka -Laylee, developed by a team of game designers that came from the glory days of N64 Rare. However, the reception was, shall we say, one that failed to live up to the legacy that preceded it.

Now, the team from one of my favorite YouTube channels Stop Skeletons From Fighting (previously the Happy Video Game Nerd) is taking a look at the rise and fall of the hugely popular platforming sub-genre, the Collect-O-Thon. Check out the video below.


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