Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Bill Oberst Jr.

Today we’re taking a look at suggestions from someone who has been in a lot of horror films. Actor Bill Oberst Jr. has made a name for himself in the horror genre and even been portraying Ray Bradbury in a stage show. Let’s see what he has to recommend.

1. Angst (1983) 

Why? (a) It is German. (b) It is disconcerting to watch. (c) Things like this actually happen.

2. Cannibal (2006)  

Why? (a) It is German. (b) It is uncomfortable to watch. (c) This exact thing actually happened.

3. Amadeus (1984) 

Why? (a) They were German. (b) Salieri’s fall into madness is true horror. (c) No one is happy at the end.

4. Freaks (1932)  

Why? (a) The freaks are real but… (b) The freaks are not the real freaks. (c) The cruel people die.

5. Duel (1971) 

Why? (a) The windows are tinted. (b) There’s no reason – it just wants you dead. (c) It won’t stop until you die.

Photo by Anne de Haas

Bill Oberst Jr. is an actor of stage and screen who is not afraid of the dark. His “Criminal Minds” TV character is included in CBS’s list of “The Most Notorious Serial Killers In Criminal Minds History.” His major awards include a Daytime Emmy Award, the inaugural Lon Chaney Award For Excellence In Horror Film presented by Lon Chaney’s great-grandson Ron Chaney, a United Solo Off-Broadway Award and dozens more. Bill’s latest film is Rob Zombie’s “Three From Hell.” His latest stage project is “Ray Bradbury Live (forever)” a solo portrayal of Ray Bradbury authorized by Ray’s family and estate. His official site is billoberst.com. His IMDb page is https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2454994.   

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