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Netflix Brings The Pain With New Punisher Trailer

The highlight for me for Daredevil Season 2 was the new vision of The Punisher.  We had up till then 3 big screen versions of the deranged vigilante but none seemed to really connect with audiences.  Many claimed they had softened up the character too much to reach a broad audience.  For me when I heard him utter “You hit them they get back up.  I hit them and they stay down.” I knew they had found the right tone for the character.  It was no surprise Frank Castle would end up with his own Netflix series.  We’ve seen a few teaser trailers but today the full length trailer hit the internet.  It’s exactly what I wanted from a Punisher show.  The Metallica music gets the tone perfect.  What do you think?

CheckPoint (2017) Review

While hurricane Harvey was making rounds all over Texas I got a chance to watch CheckPoint (2017) on Netflix. Might I say it’s action packed with an all star cast like Bill Goldberg, Kane Hodder, Tyler Mane, and some gal named Krista Grotte. Yea, don’t know her either.

The movie starts off with an awesome fight scene between Roy (Kenny Johnson) and Brick (John Lewis) but come to find out that scene takes place towards the end of the movie! Talk about a cold open. Gotta keep those movie goers entertained.

The plot to this movie isn’t so believable, in a small town in Port City, North Carolina a group of former military men and women get together to take over a small town and eventually the world. But all that falls apart when Roy, a homeless veteran finds out about some of the local higher up taking control of Port City. But no one believes him! Not even his own brother TJ who is played by former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg. He also drives a motorcycle by night and by day he’s a UPS/FedEx driver, and a dad… Plus he likes to hit on his daughter’s teachers. But that’s not even the cool part, just when you think Goldberg is gonna spear a guy, said guy gets shot. At least give me a jackhammer finish.

Kane Hodder is in this movie too as a hit man it’s a small role but he gets the job done until he gets done in, yea plot twist. This would make a good drinking movie. Take a drink when the camera is out of focus or when a serious moment is playing out and the camera starts getting all shaky. Get yourself steadicam.

Other than having former WCW United States Champion Bill Goldberg in this movie, the soundtrack is fantastic! If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd you will love this movie. Because Simple Man doesn’t play less than three times throughout this movie. Dollars to donuts the budget to CheckPoint went to getting the rights to Simple Man.

A few high points from CheckPoint is seeing Roy get shot by a bazooka and still alive and in one piece. Another bad guy shoots down a flagpole with the US flag hanging from it, flagpole just falls over, but Goldberg and his lady teacher friend who is also military with an awesome shaved head on one side picks up the flagpole and puts it back in said hole so the flag can you know do flag stuff.

Overall I give CheckPoint one star because it has Goldberg in it and it’s a cheesy action movie. Thanks to The Massive One’s good friend Rafael for turning me on to this modern day classic.

Geek Nerdery Podcast: GLOW and Spider-Man Homecoming

A few weeks ago (I got busy) I rounded up a crew and we sat down to discuss not only the new Netflix series GLOW but also the recently released Spider-Man Homecoming.  Joining me is Doug from The Last Horrorcast, Noah from Hero Unabridged, Michael from The Awesome 80’s Podcast, and Mike Patterson of being Mike fame.  There is a spoilery section but we denote it in the show so feel free to listen without worry.

Music provided by The Fantastic Plastics.

TLH Episode 86 – Sinister and The Canal

This week we discuss ghosts on film with Sinister and The Canal. We also talk about Child’s Play, Dead End Drive-In, Friday the 13th the game, and Occult Crimes.

As always, we welcome feedback at and on our Facebook page or leave us a voicemail at 601-564-TLHP. Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review in iTunes.

We’ve Got Movie Sign! MST3K Announces Live Tour!

Get ready to join the Satellite of Love when Jonah, Tom, Crow and the gang take Kinga Forester’s newest experiment to a city near you. Joel Hodgeson, creator of MST3K, announced via Youtube a 26 city tour this summer beginning in July in Boston and wrapping up in August with a stop in Atlanta with the highlight being a 2 night engagement at the San Diego Comic Con. Jonah and the Gang will be taking on the seminal teen cave man story Eegah! Check out the announcement below followed by the full list of tour stops for the Mystery Science Theater 300 Live! Watch Out For Snakes Tour.

The full tour is as follows…

  • JUL 6 – Boston, MA (Eegah @ 7pm) 
  • JUL 7 – Philadelphia, PA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • JUL 8 – New York, NY (Eegah @ 6pm / Secret Surprise @ 9:30pm) 
  • JUL 9 – Washington DC (Eegah @ 6pm / Secret Surprise @ 9pm) 
  • JUL 12 – Columbus, OH (Eegah @ 8pm)
  • JUL 13 – St. Louis, MO (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 14 – Royal Oak, MI (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm
  • JUL 15 – Milwaukee, WI (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • JUL 16 – Chicago, IL (Eegah @ 5pm / Secret Surprise @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 18 – Denver, CO (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 20 – Phoenix, AZ (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 21 – San Diego, CA (Eegah @ 7pm) 
  • JUL 22 – San Diego, CA (Secret Surprise @ 7pm) 
  • JUL 23 – Los Angeles, CA (Eegah @ 5pm / Secret Surprise @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 26 – San Francisco, CA (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 27 – San Francisco, CA (Secret Surprise @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 28 – Portland, OR (Eegah @ 8pm)  
  • JUL 29 – Seattle, WA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • JUL 30 – Vancouver, BC (Eegah @ 7pm) 
  • AUG 1 – Salt Lake City, UT (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 3 – Kansas City, MO (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 4 – Minneapolis, MN (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • AUG 6 – Green Bay, WI (Eegah @ 7pm)
  • AUG 8 – Cleveland, OH (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 9 – Baltimore, MD (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 10 – Richmond, VA (Secret Surprise @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 11 – Nashville, TN (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • AUG 12 – Atlanta, GA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)

MST3K Swag Giveaway From Comet!

In honor of the new season of MST3K dropping we’re teaming up with Comet to give away some pretty awesome swag.  This is what you’ll get.

Now I want a real MST3K fan to get these so the contest is that in the comments below you have to leave a Space Mutiny nickname for yourself.  The best nickname will win this awesome prize pack.  A winner will be decided on May 1st.  So get to it.

Each household is only eligible to win COMET / MST3K Classic Episodes Prize Pack via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

Also this Earth Day Comet is doing an Earth Day Marathon.  Check out their line up below:


Frogs (1972)
Saturday April 22 at NOON/11AM C

Die, Monster, Die (1965)
Saturday April 22 at 2/1C

Empire of the Ants (1977)
Saturday April 22 at 4/3C

Contamination .7 (1993)
Saturday April 22 at 6/5C

Netflix Bringing Back Carmen Sandiego

Marvel, Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Santa Clarita Diet, Mystery Science Theater 3000, it seems that Netflix is suddenly becoming the go to media empire for sheer awesome, so how do you follow up a string of successes like that? Well, they bring back the Queen of 80’s Thievery, Carmen Sandiego.

Little is known about the show at this stage except that it will be animated and will follow closer to the legendary edutainment games from the 80’s. However they do have decades of material to pull from from animated shows, game shows and chose your own adventure books.

The Tracking Board is also reporting that Netflix has signed none other than Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez to voice the globe hopping, landmark pilfering master criminal herself.

DO IT ROCKEPELLA! (I just can’t resist)

MST3K Returns-A Spoiler-Free Review of the Premiere

About a year and a half ago, I happened to be home sick from work. On that day (a coincidence, I swear) I noticed that Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Joel Hodgson was doing a Reddit AMA. I’d been a fan of the show since my local cable company added Comedy Central during season five (so I only knew Joel briefly before Mike took over — still, I loved them both like a parent refusing to choose between their children), and I paid close attention.

Then I paid Kickstarter, because it turned out that the AMA was to announce a campaign to crowdfund a revival of MST3K. Joel had made noise about bringing the show back for years, but I’d shelved it with the Gambit movie or a decent take on Fantastic Four in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category. Joel laid out his case, though, explained what he wanted to do, introduced us to Jonah Ray as the new host and Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt as the new Mads… and damned if I wasn’t convinced. There was never any question of if I would contribute, just at what level. I wound up dropping the most I’ve ever contributed to a Kickstarter campaign (although not nearly as much as some people, whose backer rewards included a visit to the set during filming, along with my eternal envy).

Fortunately, the level I chipped at contained a perk that brings us together today: a week before the show’s April 15 debut on Netflix, Kickstarter backers were able to stream the first episode for 24 hours. I’m under oath to Joel not to divulge any secrets of the revival, but as a die-hard fan of the series for over two decades, I’m here to report that the show is in very good hands.

Jonah Ray quickly endears himself to us — he’s charming and quick-witted, with a casual, everyman appearance that belies series talent not only for comedy, but music as well. Oh yes, this incarnation of MST3K embraces the musical pedigree of the original, killing it in what is not only my favorite segment of this new episode, but one of my favorite musical scenes the series has ever had.

There will be a period of adjustment to get used to the new voices for the Bots, but there’s no way around that. That said, the upgrades to them are remarkable. The puppeteering on all three of the main robots is leaps and bounds beyond that of the original series, allowing a freedom of movement that opens up the comedic and character potential a bit more. If you’re afraid you’ll miss the cheese of the originals, though, there’s plenty of it elsewhere to latch on to. Baron Vaughn, the new Tom Servo, has a sassy wit that feels perfect even if the voice is new, and Hampton Yount’s Crow is as full of bizarre non sequiturs and head-scratching wisecracks as ever. The biggest departure, however, is Gypsy. Gone is Jim Mallon’s breathy faux-lady voice, replaced with Rebecca Hanson’s sweet “midwestern” tones.

Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt fall naturally into their roles, and the Mads’ base in this version is truly eye-popping. While the design still evokes the campy B-movie roots of the series, there’s so much going on that I want to watch their segments over and over again just to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

The biggest fault in this episode, to be frank, is that it moves a bit too quickly. The riffs during the movie are rapid-fire to the point where I occasionally wanted them to pull back a hair and allow us to catch our breath. Similarly, the host segments (especially the first and last one) moved very quickly, not giving us much time to feel out the nature of the relationships between Jonah, the Bots, and the Mads. The original series felt more intimate, this one expands the scope to a degree where I’ve actually got questions about the Mads’ operation that were never relevant before. (Yes, yes, I know — it’s just a show, I should really just relax.) That said, this is only episode one of fourteen. There’s plenty of time for the series to feel the characters out and build them following the lead of the performers, which is exactly what it did not only in the early seasons of the original, but virtually any time one of the hosts, Bots, or Mads was replaced.

In so many ways, so many great ways, this feels like time has barely passed. It’s not a reboot or a remake. It’s a revival, or a regeneration. The show has reconstructed itself like a season of Doctor Who where the Doctor and companions all switch at the same time. It’s different, and it needs a little help finding its legs, but its core is intact, strong, and ready for more. For the first time since the institution of the IRS, April 15 is a day to look forward to.

Blake M. Petit has been nerding up the internet for over a decade. You can nerd along with him at or at his Facebook page.

Bill Nye Is Here To Save The World

With everything going on in the world such as Alternative Facts, made up terrorist attacks, and what seems to be a dismissal of scientific facts it’s nice to see that Bill Nye is here to save us all.  Learn how science works, how it factors into our daily lives, and how we can hopefully save the world.  It’s nice to know we can trust in Bill Nye to not let knowledge be left out of society.

From Netflix:
Bill Nye – science guy, educator, mechanical engineer, and curator of curiosity – returns with a new show. Each episode of Bill Nye Saves the World tackles a specific topic or concept through lively panel discussions, wide-ranging correspondent reports from a crackerjack team, and Bill’s very special blend of lab procedure and sly personality.

Bill Nye Saves The World arrives April 21, only on Netflix.

Santa Clarita Diet – A Preliminary Review

Jesus-Jumped-Up-Joseph, Netflix! When the hell did you start going so right?

I admit that I bounce my subscriptions between Netflix and Hulu depending on the TV season, but with Netflix’s newest marathon-able sitcom, Santa Clarita Diet, it has earned a full time sub from me.

If you have been living under a rock, Santa Clarita Diet is the new Drew Barrymore half hour sitcom vehicle, but with a horror twist, and unlike Ash Vs Evil Dead, which, yes is very funny, Diet takes is subject matter with total heart, and human hearts.

Drew Barrymore stars as Sheila Hammond, a real estate agent who works along side her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant). One morning she wakes up dead, only to find out that, like a zombie is want to do, craves raw, human flesh. Olyphant is her doting husband who tries to desperately to keep his suburban life as normal as possible while dealing with the fact that he and his wife must now start killing people to keep her fed.

As this is a prelim review, I am only up to episode 4 of the season, which is still early in the process but I have to say this. When it comes to comedy, im a silent laugher. Im a smiler, a chuckler and Santa Clarita Diet has had me laughing hysterically during each episode.

Barrymore is amazing as she begins to accept her new lifestyle contrasted with Olyphant’s put upon, neurotic husband who is trying desperately to control his wife’s impulses while being the supportive and loving husband and father.

And with a revolving cast of supporting characters and cameos, both love-able and despise-able, this is one of the best acted and tonally perfected shows I have seen outside of the Marvel/DC TV shows in a good long while. Netflix, you’ve scored a new winner!


Netflix’s The OA: A Partial Review

Full Disclosure: I labelled this a partial review as I am only 3 episodes into the series. Christmas time will do that to a man’s binging abilities.

I first caught wind of Brit Marling in the 2011 sci-fi drama Another Earth, which she starred in as well as co-wrote with director Mike Cahill. The film’s pacing is a slow burn, but the simple and immediate pay off of the film’s finale is so effective and impactful that you can forgive all prior sins it might have committed. I found the same to be true with her other 2011 sci-fi film, Sound of My Voice, (this one written with Zal Batmanglij). Also a slow burn, but this time I was ready for it. Again, simple yet impactful wrap-up that made the movie for me.

The other film she co-wrote with Batmanglij, The East, was a departure from sci-fi, and more political/thriller focused that was also an engaging story.

It was with these experiences that upon seeing her name, as well as Batmanglij’s attached to the new Netflix series The OA (pronounced Oh-Ay, not like the Green Lantern’s HQ), I immediately set aside the first hour to get started. I wasn’t concerned with what it might be about because as soon as I saw she was involved, I was in.

The OA begins when Prairie, a blind girl who has been missing for the previous 7 years, randomly shows up on a bridge miraculously with her sight. She returns home to parents’ house, and while her mother and father want to help her get back to normal, that is the furthest thing from Prairie’s mind.

What I can say so far is that the slow-burn style that Brit and her co-writers have used previously is much better suited for this type of format. This way frees them up to character and world build the way their kind of writing demands. They can still hit the cliffhangers and impacting moments every time they hit the hour mark, but they aren’t confined to the space the way they are with feature films.

So far, I’m really enjoying how the story is playing out. Each episode contains its own twists and turns that, for me at least, still have me guessing as to what the hell is actually going on.

So far, and I don’t see this changing over the next 5 episodes, it is a high recommend from me. It’s on par with Netflix’s earlier hit, Stranger things as far as the mystery/thriller aspects go. Furthermore, if you want an idea of how the show will go, but don’t want to commit the full 8 hours yet, I would suggest trying out Another Earth and Sound of My Voice because besides being great films, the tone and pacing of those are almost identical to this show.

All 8 episodes of The OA are currently streaming on Netflix. Check it out.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events New Trailer

We just got our first look at Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events a few weeks ago but they have dropped a new longer trailer that shows us what the scope of the series is going to be.  We get a lot more of Neil Patrick Harris and his zany dress up schemes as Count Olaf, a look at the look of the world in general, and some of the other characters that we can expect.  Can’t wait to check this out.  What about you?

Young Justice Season 3 Announced

I’m a fan of cartoons.  Throw in some super heroes and I’m a HUGE fan of cartoons.  One I was a fan of was the DC cartoon Young Justice.  It was fun seeing all the side kicks get their turn in the spotlight and it had a rather unconventional season structure where at the end of season 1 into season 2 it jumped ahead a few months and completely changed the dynamic of the team without any explination so that when the story  unfolded for the season you got to see what these changes were all about.  We were sad when it was announced that it was canceled after Season 2.

There was some lobbying by fans for Netflix to pick it up but it remained pretty silent until today.  There’s no word on where it’s going to be shown but it looks like Season 3 is moving forward in production so we at least will see something.  Were you a fan of the show?

Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events Gets A Trailer

Before now we’ve only gotten a quick peek of Patrick Warburton’s Lemony Snicket giving us a tour of the set of the new Netflix adaptation of A Series Of Unfortunate Events.  Now we’ve got a full trailer of not only the kids but of Neil Patrick Harris in his full Count Olaf make up.  I think it’s perfect casting as he seems like he’ll fully embrace every scene chewing moment.

These books were adapted before for the big screen but never had a follow up.  Doing it as a Netflix series seems like the perfect way to adapt a book series like this.  Check out the trailer below.