Flair-Banks Title Run

This past Monday Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte Flair once again to become WWE Women’s Champion… As I said in the past, these two wrestlers can put on a show. But my problem is, the championship changing hands too many times between Banks and Flair. Let one of them have a decent four to five month run or have someone else get the strap for a while. Bayley, Dana Brooke, or the long over due return of Emmalina. 

One thought on “Flair-Banks Title Run”

  1. I have to agree with you. The matches are goo but I feel it diminishes the meaning of being the champ when you keep playing hot potato with it every other week. Give one of them a run and have a feud like in the old days or like you said have another contender step up and get a run. The reason I loved the Ambrose run with the WWE Title is because it kind of came out of nowhere, for me anyway, and he held it for a little while before dropping it to AJ Styles. I get these two women are the top in that division but it gets stale after a while when it’s just them trading that belt back and forth. If they went with an angle if Dana Brooke turning on Charlotte in a triple threat match for the title and getting a run might be a good shot for this division, despite the fact I think she’s not entertaining to watch or listen to but that could be because she’s playing second fiddle to Charlotte.

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