Chucky Goes All Inception For New Sequel

Don’t fuck with the Chuck!

After the stunning cinematic suppository that was Seed of Chucky (I still defend Bride, but that is another article entirely), it was a welcome return to form of the popular killer doll franchise when Curse of Chucky returned to its outright horror roots, and it seemed to have done well enough to actually get a new sequel greenlit as well.

We have known the title for the 7th installment of the long running series, Cult of Chucky, for a while but little has been mentioned as to what the movie will even be about, until now.

Cult of Chucky will pick up right after the events of Curse with the wheelchair bound Nica, played by none other than Brad Douriff’s (Voice of Chucky and Charles Lee Ray) daughter Fiona Douriff, being blamed for the vicious murder of her family.

“[‘Cult of Chucky’] picks up the story of Nica after the bloodbath that happens in the last movie, and Nica has taken the wrap for all of Chucky’s murders,” Mancini told the Monsterpalooza audience. “She was sent to a mental institution, and after four years of shock therapy and drugs, doctors have convinced her that Chucky was just a delusion and that she had actually murdered her entire family.

“It’s a cool prescription for suspense, right?[…]Then her doctor complicates matters by introducing into her group therapy sessions…a Chucky doll.”

Chucky is such a versatile character that you can plug him into different sub genres,” says Mancini, who calls the new film surreal. “This one is the mind fuck, Chucky meets ‘Inception’ because you’re dealing with a bunch of characters whose perception reality is altered by their madness, the drugs that their on, and by hypnosis.”

And there is good news for the gore hounds out there…

“The gore effects in this movie….this is definitly the goriest of all of the movies,” Mancini stated while assuring the audience that he wasn’t pandering to them. “[This] wasn’t something [we] set out to do, it just sort of turned out that way.”

Cult of Chucky is due to hit our screens sometime around October.

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