Graveyard Duck Episode 11 – Actraiser

Time to pray for a miracle because this week Graveyard Duck is talking Actraiser for the Super NES. Will we get struck by lightning for being heathens, or will we be spared? Listen and find out.

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One thought on “Graveyard Duck Episode 11 – Actraiser”

  1. Square got to final fintasy 6 on the SNES. That is 6 games from 1987 to 1994 while Valve still cant get a nother sequel in 14 years. Japanese developers knows what fans want even if they make failures like 13 they are quick to bring it back. Meanwhile at bethesda. “”Let’s drop another Skyrim and not remake arena or Daggerfall. btw what about paying for mods now? We are to lazy to make our own stuff””

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