TLH Episode 92 – Chopping Mall Commentary

Well, after two solid years, we’ve decided to call it a wrap. It’s with great sadness that we offer you our final episode of The Last Horrorcast. And we could not think of a more fitting way to end the show than with a commentary of what has become the show’s most beloved film, Chopping Mall. So sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy one last horror film with Scott, Doug, and Bryan. But most of all, thank you for two great years.


6 thoughts on “TLH Episode 92 – Chopping Mall Commentary”

  1. Dudes, you guys will be sorely missed.
    Are any of you guys going to be doing any other projects ( I’m listening to the podcast now). Farewell, Scott.

  2. Great way to go out Scott. You will be missed on this feed. Hopefully you can still make some guest appearances. I looked forward to your input as well as Doug and Brian. Good luck on your new podcast bro.

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