23min of Politically Charged Ska

About a year ago there was this big gathering in front of the White House. Uh… some things happened, some things that a fair amount of people weren’t exactly happy about. Some people spoke out, some people wrote songs. The first 5 songs on this podcast are some of those songs. Some written as a reaction to the man himself, others to the climate America has started to find itself in. The last 3 songs are also political in nature but don’t have the same target. In particular, the final song is really something we should all keep in mind for the next 3 years.

00:00 – the Dump Trumps – Paradice Lost, Reward if Found (Vol. 1 ’17)
02:22 – the Pomps – Alternate America (Alternate America ’17)
05:02 – the Chalk Outlines – Something Wrong with the Right (the Chalk Outlines ’17)
08:16 – Stacked Like Pancakes – 45 (45 ’17)
12:23 – MU330 – Don’t Worry, Don’t Stress (Don’t Worry, Don’t Stress ’17)
15:13 – the English Beat – Two Swords (I Just Can’t Stop It ’80)
14:25 – the Slackers – Keep it Simple (Peculiar ’06)
20:27 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Let’s Face It (Let’s Face It ’97)

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