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23min of “Loving” Ska

A very special episode of 23min of Ska for GeekNerdery! Celebrating both love and well… the opposite of that. Because really, who needs all that love-dovey nonsense anyway.

00:00 – Keith & Ken – I Don’t Love You Anymore (Jamaican Jerk ’66)
02:05 – the Delirians – Love Sweet Love (Get Up! ’14)
05:56 – the Pinstripes – Sweet Lovin’ (Sweet Lovin’ ’10)
09:40 – the Slackers – Alone Again (the Question ’98)
12:36 – the Steady 45’s – Valentine’s Day (Trouble in Paradise ’17)
15:55 – Matt Wixon’s Flying Circus – I Have a Thing (Jeffy ’11)
18:16 – Manic Sewing Circle feat. Todd Hembrook – I Love You Baby (But I Don’t Have Time) (Summer Spins ’07)
20:42 – the Good Skamartitans – Sitting on the Top of the World (Let’s Rawk ’02)

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23min of Politically Charged Ska

About a year ago there was this big gathering in front of the White House. Uh… some things happened, some things that a fair amount of people weren’t exactly happy about. Some people spoke out, some people wrote songs. The first 5 songs on this podcast are some of those songs. Some written as a reaction to the man himself, others to the climate America has started to find itself in. The last 3 songs are also political in nature but don’t have the same target. In particular, the final song is really something we should all keep in mind for the next 3 years.

00:00 – the Dump Trumps – Paradice Lost, Reward if Found (Vol. 1 ’17)
02:22 – the Pomps – Alternate America (Alternate America ’17)
05:02 – the Chalk Outlines – Something Wrong with the Right (the Chalk Outlines ’17)
08:16 – Stacked Like Pancakes – 45 (45 ’17)
12:23 – MU330 – Don’t Worry, Don’t Stress (Don’t Worry, Don’t Stress ’17)
15:13 – the English Beat – Two Swords (I Just Can’t Stop It ’80)
14:25 – the Slackers – Keep it Simple (Peculiar ’06)
20:27 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Let’s Face It (Let’s Face It ’97)

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23min of Holiday Ska

Hey GeekNerdery crew! I’m back at it again with 23min of ska and ska/punk in a holiday style for you. I hope all you fellow geeks and nerds all have a happy whatever-the-hell you celebrate and that you enjoy this tiny bit of music. (Also, if a band covers what Patton Oswalt calls the worst Christmas song ever, you just know I’m going to close out the show with that track!)

00:00 – the Toasters – Rudy Christmas A Jail (Christma-Ska ’98)
02:36 – Slow Gherkin – Shed Some Skin (Shed Some Skin ’98)
03:69 – MU330 – Three Days ’til Christmas (Winter Wonderland ’99)
09:22 – Cartoon Violence – Overtime (Christmas Bonus) (Christmas Special ’10)
13:04 – Sonic Boom Six – It’s Always Christmas When I Think of You (It’s Always Christmas When I Think of You ’13)
16:19 – Reel Big Fish – Whatever U Celebrate (Happy Skalidays ’14)
19:32 – the Holophonics – Christmas Shoes (MaSKArades Vol. 4: Happy SKAnukkah Now Redux ’14)


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23min of Thanksgiving Ska

Hey GeekNerdery pals, I’m back with another festive special episode of “23min of Ska” exclusively for GeekNerdery! Hurrah! This month we’re celebrating… Thanksgiving? Uh… Yeah, Ok, I’ll admit, this was tougher than I thought it would be, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy! There’s a lot of songs about home on here, because past the food, Thanksgiving is all about being home, for better or worse. And if it is for worse, I hope these songs can help put you in a better mood.

00:00 – Big D & the Kids Table – Half Way Home (Noise Complaint ’07)
04:13 – Johnny Too Bad & the Strikeouts – Cherry Pie (Patchwork Girl ’97)
06:51 – the Dendrites – Turkey Shoot (Fly Casual ’13)
10:16 – Chris Murray with the Slackers – Home ($lackness ’08)
13:02 – Show Me Island – Right Awful Proof (Ring Around & Run ’16)
15:52 – Flip & Combined Effort – My Trips Home (Are Never a Vacation) (In Search of Home ’17)
19:10 – MU330 – Good Homes (Crab Rangoon ’97)
21:41 – No Doubt – A Little Something Refreshing (No Doubt ’92)

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23min of Halloween Ska

Hey GeekNerdery readers, it’s been a while since my last post throwing a bunch of ska music at you all. To be blunt I hatched a plan, a plan to give you something a little bit special. By that, I mean a special episode of the podcast. Not just any special episode, but a holiday special. But let’s not stop there, let’s have it be for the best holiday, let’s have it be a Halloween special!  The big boss man over here at GeekNerdery gave me the go-ahead and here we are! I hope you all enjoy this small treat for your Halloween listening enjoyment.

00:00 – MU330 – Please Don’t Run (Ska is Dead ’07)
01:51 – Skavoovee & the Epitones – Blood Red Sky (Ripe ’97)
05:09 – Big D & the Kids Table – Deadpan (Strictly Rude ’07)
07:40 – the Slackers – the Mummy (the Question ’98)
10:48 – Be Like Max – Party in Hell (Against All Odds ’15)
13:54 – King Kong Girio – Dead Surfer’s Lament (Now that I’m Gone ’13)
15:13 – the Talks – Don’t Look Behind You (Commoners, Peers, Drunks & Thieves ’14)
18:06 – the Bandulus – Evildoers (the Times We Had ’12)
20:04 – Buck-O-Nine – Don’t be Afraid (Punk Rock Halloween ’17)

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23min of Ska : Cinnamon

Hey gang, what’s going on. Here it is, another episode! This one was almost late. I’ve spent the last 6 days in Denver CO. drinking, eating and partying. So much so, I got behind on my ska-filled duties. But I love ska, and I love you listeners, so much that I got the courage to rally! This one’s for all of you lovely folks who tune in each week!

00:00 – Aggressors B.C – True Skins (Tone of the Times ’13)
03:41 – the Bruce Lee Band – Do the Politicians (Everything Will be Alright, My Friend ’14)
05:22 – 12 Cents for Marvin – the Way (It’s Not Over ’16)
08:11 – OVERMIND – Change Today (Change Today ’17)
10:53 – Younger Than Neil – …or Else the Terrorists Win (Know Their Parts ’16)
13:48 – the Specials – Why? (Ghost Town ’81)
16:41 – Mustard Plug – Running Out of Time (Can’t Contain it ’14)
19:03 – Tri-State Conspiracy – Frantic (High Strung Mess ’05)

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23min of Ska : Powdered

Is everyone out there feeling better? I hope so. These last few weeks, they’ve been… trying, to say the least. We just have to get out there, do what we have to do to make things better. We can do this. We’re a great community. Nothing can stop us. Go. Fight. Work. Win! We can succeed! Even in the darkest of times, we can rise.

00:00 – the Interrupters – Media Sensation (Say it Out Loud ’16)
02:45 – Flip and the Combined Effort – Sphere of Living (In Search of Home ’17)
05:58 – Be Like Max – Party in Hell (Against All Odds ’15)
09:07 – Razika – Oslo (På vei hjem ’13)
12:04 – South Central Skankers – Ghetto Ska Kids (Insomnia ’13)
14:51 – Stupid Flanders – Turn and Run (Flanders’ Dozen ’15)
18:52 – Stacked Like Pancakes – These are Odd Times to be Alive (This is Us ’15)

“23min of Ska” is a weekly ska mixtape that updates every Thursday. Visit to find over 250 past episodes as well as specials and interviews with bands.

Wild Times: An Oral History of WildStorm Studios

If you’ve checked out any of my articles for Geek Nerdery you’ve noted my fandom of WildStorm comics. There’s one fan out there, who is a bigger fan than me, that took it upon themselves to interview several former WildStorm Studio members to write a whole damn book! Said writer, Joseph Hedges, set up a Kickstarter to fund the printing of the book. Well, that goal was hit in  a few days, but there’s still time to jump in and back the campaign!

Wild Times : an Oral History of WildStorm Studios


23min of Ska : Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles

Someone on Reddit told me that if I stopped making politically slanted episodes that this podcast might be worth listening to. You know something, I agree, I plan that last week’s episode was the beginning and end of all that! From now on, politically neutral. Just like ska is. Politics free.

00:00 – the Trespassers – Gonna Get it, Nazi Punk (Skarmageddon 3: a New Beginning ’97)
03:14 – Jimmy Cliff – World Upside Down (Rebirth ’12)
06:22 – the Special AKA – Racist Friend (Racist Friend / Bright Lights ’83)
10:23 – Kill Lincoln – Pralines & Dick (You Were There ’11)
13:19 – Stop the Presses – the Mayor (Does it Still Look Pretty? ’11)
16:13 – MU330 – America’s Funniest (Best of MU330 ’98)
17:34 – Hub City Stompers – Little Julie Swastiska (Blood, Sweat, and Beers ’04)

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23min of Ska : Marlowe Takes on the Sydicate

[from page 11]
…were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood. Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts…
[continued on page 23]

00:00 – Big D & the Kids Table – President (Look What You’ve Done ’01)
02:30 – the A-OKs – I’m Sorry You Suck (FunEmployment Benefits ’14)
05:41 – the Meow Meows – Put You Down (Go Boom! ’16)
08:36 – Less Than Jake – Whatever the Weather (Sound the Alarm ’17)
11:31 – the Slackers – Crazy (Peculiar ’06)
15:00 – the Arrogant Sons of Bitches – Kill the President (Three Cheers for Disappointment ’06)
19:08 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – What the World Needs Now (What the World Needs Now is Love ’16)

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Weathering WildStorm : Gen13 issues 1/2 and 0

I guess an alternate name for this entry could be “Five Short Stories Featuring Gen13.” As both issues are shorts that are chronicling what the Gen13 members were up to between the first volume and the second. They’re mostly small and fun stories, and they’re done by a variety of artists. I imagine one of the many reasons they were done was to give more lead time for J. Scott Campbell for the series proper and keep the “Gen13” name alive and out in front of the comic buying and reading audience.

The first story, as detailed in “Gen13” 1/2 has the kids pretty fresh out of the mini-series going on a bit of a road trip. Rainmaker has already left to be with her family in Arizona and the kids are now just driving around, supposedly they’re just killing some time before meeting up with Lynch down in San Diego, but they could just be being silly ass teens with no real direction. They have been told by Lynch to stick to the backroads to avoid altercations with local authorities or Ivana’s Keepers. They’re having some real problems with reading the map to said backroads, but that’s only the start of their troubles. When they pull over to ask directions and get some gas they also encounter Loran, a Traveler, or rather The Traveler, who shifted through time. She’s on the hunt for Langston, better known as Timespan who we’ve seen in a few issues of “StormWatch.” Loran has no time to deal with the primitives of this time, and in her little freak out bully time against some innocent bystanders, she catches the attention of Bobby, which in turn gets the rest of the kids to go after her. It’s a tough battle, but in the end, Loran gets tied up with a stop sign and left of the cops, as the kids continue their road trip to San Diego.

The next story is the first of four from issue 0, it stars Caitlin as she’s meeting up with her cousin and her family in Portland. Caitlin isn’t quite sure at this point if she really wants to go down to San Diego, and she might just stay in Portland with family. No sooner than she starts talking to her cousin (and her jerk husband) do some suited men start walking their way. Caitlin fears the worst, that they were sent by Ivana or by I/O and she does what she can to get away. This involves being hit by a train, then picking up said train and tossing it. That puts some distance between her and the rude boys, but she knows it’ll only slow them down for so long. Lucky for her a friend of Lynch’s pulls up and whisks her to the airport to catch a flight to San Diego. Did I say one of Lynch’s friends? Oh, turns out all these guys were pals of Lynch and it was all a set up to make sure Caitlin didn’t find a reason to stay in Portland and to make sure she joined the team. Oh, Lynch, it’s stuff like this that made so many Team 7 members dislike you.

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23min of Ska : the Bronze Door

I don’t get personal here too much, but man did I have a suck day at work. I’m over tired, over stressed, and over everything. Then I sit down and start picking out songs for this episode. It starts to melt away. Not all of it, but enough to keep me pushing towards the weekend. Hope this episode can help you in the same regards.

00:00 – the Skints – Come to You (FM ’15)
02:27 – the Snails – I’ll be Back Someday (Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox Volumes 1 & 2 ’14)
05:47 – Skavoovie & the Epitones – Lucy (the Growler ’99)
08:24 – the Shifters – Skinhead Reggae (No Worries ’14)
11:07 – Dan Potthast – I Went In (Eyeballs ’99)
12:59 – Sonic Boom Six – All the Same to Me (the F-Bomb ’16)
16:00 – the Doped Up Dollies feat. Coolie Ranx – Be Free (the New Way Out ’15)
19:58 – the Copacetics – No Fool (Ska Royal ’16)

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Weathering WildStorm : Zealot

In the ’90s it seemed like most big comic properties really wanted to keep the backstories of their newest characters as vague as possible. Examples: Wolverine and Cable. Oddly, WildStorm always seemed to be champing at the bit to give background info on their creations. We were getting comics like “Team 7” and soon “Team One” books filling in the gaps for us on a bevy of WSU characters. We’d seen a bit of Jacob’s previous adventures in “WildC.A.T.s” so now it’s time to shed a little bit of light on Zealot, AKA Lady Zannah in her own three issue limited series, titled, predictably, “Zealot.” Ok, Imma gonna present this story chronologically. I’m not gonna go all shifty shift, all over, back and forth in time. The narrative does this in the book, and it works to read it like that, talking about it, not so much.

The earliest bit of history we have in this book is the Kherubim ship crashing on Earth. And of course that can’t be the true start of the history, as there are many past events that are mentioned as well. First, we have Promethos AKA Prometheus on board the Kherubim in some sort of cell. Turns out he tried to arrange for a mutiny on the ship. Into the brig with you, ya jerkface. As the ship is going down he appeals to the past romance that he had with Zealot. In a moment of weakness, she frees him, only for him to take hostage of Savant to make sure that he gets an escape module to get safely to Earth. He lands with Savant still his hostage and telling Zealot “We can rule this world, you and I! Let’s do it! Never mind me holding Savant’s life in the balance as I make these proclamations of hypothetical greatness!” Zealot is having none of this, breaks his thumb, and Savant elbows him in his douche bag stomach. They walk away down the beach while he clutches his tummy in the sand and surf.

Time passes, a lot of time. Time enough for Zealot to set up her branch of the Coda, fight in the Trojan war, and then defect from the Coda. That last event causes the Coda to be after her. She almost gets taken down, but in a surprise twist, Prometheus saves her. Turns out since being left on the beach, he’s set himself up quite nicely on Mount Olympus, and even has a buncha servant girls. He once again tries to talk Zealot into staying with him and ruling the rubes. This time she nails his hand to a statue with her Kherubim Honor Blade and walks away. Prometheus vows revenge!

Revenge is taken, a fair bit later when Zealot is in Japan. She’s shaking up with her latest boyfriend, and learning, as well as sharpening her fighting skills in a dojo. The good times can’t last and she gets a message that Savant has been kidnapped by the Masked Warlord. You guessed it, the Masked Warlord is Prometheus and he wants to get Zealots attention. Face it, man, she’s just not that into you. After Savant is saved, and Prometheus kills Zealot’s boyfriend, the ladies jump off a cliff and swim away. Oh yeah, Zealot was stabbed in the shoulder with her Honor Blade and just swims away with it stuck there! Seriously Prometheus, stop trying so hard. Chicks don’t dig that, bro.

Finally, we get to a story set in Nazi Germany. Prometheus is a Nazi officer and he’s trying to live up to his name, and give the Nazi’s the technology to develop atomic weapons. It’s still all part of his grand plan to rule the world. His logic works thusly, have the Nazis do all the work, rise through the ranks on the inside, then take out that weak little man Hitler. Easy, peasy! Zealot objects to, well pretty much the entire plan. Giving atomic weapons to Nazis, taking over the world… she didn’t say, but I’m sure she was fine with taking out Hitler, though. From now on that’s head cannon, Zealot was fine with Hitler being killed. At any rate, she and Prometheus start to fight again, but this time it is different, Zealot means to end Prometheus, and she does so with her Honor Blade. She lops off a hand, then a stab to the abdomen and then she pops his head off. Having done all this, she goes true badass and nukes the whole damn military installation.

So yeah, that’s the story. She told it to Pris when she came out to check on her. Eventually, Void comes calling because Jacob needs everyone back at the compound. Zealot gifts her Honor Blade to Pris, as she never quite felt honorable about killing Prometheus, despite it needing to be done. I really enjoyed this short series. Sheds a little more light onto Zealot’s life. I would’ve loved to see how she and Cole met, or more what they were up to before they joined up with the team, but with a story this well done, I’m gonna let it slide.

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23min of Ska : I’ll be Waiting

The thing about being a total geek about ska is, is that you love it all. You may start out loving ska/punk, or a more traditional ska sound, but soon enough, if you hold on to the open mind that got you into ska in the first place, you find all kinds of musical ska treasures. Ska is just a beat that can worm its way into any genre of music and a lot can be done with it. This episode of 23min of Ska is a celebration of that malleability.

00:00 – the Forthrights – Blinding Light (the FORTHRIGHTS ’12)
03:25 – the Big News – Loganio (Have You Heard ’16)
06:10 – Wobbly Bob – Confusion (Confusion ’15)
09:49 – Mustard Plug – Brain on Ska (Big Daddy Multitude ’93)
11:30 – the Vulnerable – Roots of Our Tree (“Is There Acceptance?” ’16)
14:09 – Lo & the Magnetics – This Town’s Unbearable (A Part ’05)
16:59 – High School Football Heroes – World Painted Grey (We’ve Fooled Around Long Enough ’06)
19:54 – the Prizefighters – Truth and Lies (Follow My Sound ’10)

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23min of Ska : Trouble is My Business

Look who’s bringing the ska/punk for the holidays! I’ve been putting out this show for a few years, but I never make the Christmas episode a Christmas episode. Too cliche. Also, I avoid ska puns for the same reason. I hope this episode is a nice respite from all the audio treacle we’ve all been having to endure lately.

00:00 – Be Like Max – Wasted Days (Against All Odds ’15)
02:34 – the Interrupters – She Got Arrested (Say it Out Loud ’16)
06:00 – the Pomps – Downbeat Diner (Indie Rock is Dying ’16)
08:25 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Graffiti Worth Reading (Pin Points and Gin Joints ’09)
10:58 – Big D & the Kids Table – the Noise (Stomp ’13)
13:01 – Hooray for Our Side – Find Your Sound (Overture ’15)
16:03 – Bomb the Music Industry! – Even Winning Feels Bad (Goodbye Cool World ’06)
19:54 – New Riot – Feel the Burn (Riot.Sleep.Repeat ’11)

“23min of Ska” is a weekly ska mixtape that updates every Thursday. Visit to find over 200 past episodes as well as specials and interviews with bands.

Weathering WildStorm : WildStorm Chamber of Horrors

It’s holiday time so let’s do a holiday book! But let’s face it, we know where Geek Nerdery came from, the only holiday here is Halloween! Ok, so what we have here is WildStorm’s attempt at their very own “Treehouse of Horror.” Remember when those started, there was a framing story of the Simpson kids telling scary stories to each other, and we have that here. The team, sitting around in the Smithsonian telling spooky stories. Some are stories from their past, a history of Tapestry that Zealot knows, or in Reno’s case, a horrible dream!

There’s not too much here. Reno keeps having a nightmare of visiting his parents’ graves, them rising as zombies, turning into Daemonites, trying to kill him and succeeding. We’ll find out more about Reno’s background later, but it’s that as a kid some Daemonites burned down his folks’ house and he carries the guilt of not being there to save them. Him telling this story to Savant gets the whole ball of wax going.

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23min of Ska : Pearls are a Nuisance

Woah! Lots of new ska on this episode! Heck, some of these songs JUST came out! (I mean, except that Kill Lincoln track, that one’s about 5 yrs old) The one comment I get from people when they find out I do a ska podcast, or that I’m into ska in general, is “ska is still a thing?” As much as I want to lecture them on the long history of ska I just say “Yep!” And when listening to bands such as these put out music so recently that is so good, well, ska is going to be a thing for quite awhile! We’ve got a handful of artists from the US, a few from the UK and heck, we even have one from Bulgaria! Dig that international ska, baby!

00:00 – the Meow Meows – Swipe Right (Go Boom! ’16)
03:01 – Behind Deadlines – Worthless (Status Quo ’16)
05:26 – the Classy Wrecks – Hey Girl (Songs for the Extinct ’16)
08:22 – the Rudie Crew – Life (Roy Radics & Friends : Distance Water 4 Ever ’16)
11:57 – Kill Lincoln – Something Something etc. (You Were There ’11)
16:43 – No Project Band – Не Мога да Пия (Ne Moga da Pia) (Здравей България ’16)
19:14 – Last Edition – Status (Best Foot Forward ’16)

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Weathering WildStorm : Voodoo / Zealot : Skin Trade

In going through the history of WildStorm, I sometimes come across books like this. One shots that I had no idea existed, and I was probably better for it! So there’s this book, “Voodoo / Zealot : Skin Trade.” This sad little book, this effing book. Ok, let’s be serious for a minute, this book is basically a bunch of pin-ups arranged as a story. But trashier than that sounds. For all the cheesecake glory that is “Gen13” when compared to this book “Gen13” ends up looking rather tame. And, if I was a better reviewer, and thought this was the place to get into it, I’d comment on how WildStorm went from putting out a book like this, where the women are all posed as sexual objects first and to serve the story second, to eventually putting out books that dealt with a more mature take on sex and sexuality in such a small span of time. Not to mention how much ahead of the curve on that kind of thing they were in regards to DC and Marvel. But this isn’t the blog for that and I’d never do that argument justice anyway!

We catch up with Zealot training Priss in the ways of the Coda. Along for the “It’s Not the Danger Room!” session is Cole and Jeremy who both admonish Zealot for being too harsh with Priss. Little Big Jake tells Zealot that she needs to lay off of Priss a bit and she needs a break. Zealot storms off and is then confronted by Providence. Providence tells Zealot she has information about her Zealot’s previously unknown child and proceeds to give some long convoluted story of how it’s been cryogenically frozen and will still be a young kid. Also, it’s in Yurgovia and she should go save it. Most of this is a lie, but Providence needs to get Zealot to Yurgovia and Zealot will meet her kid, so she embellished a lot.

So why does Providence need to get Zealot to Yurgovia? Well, ok, remember Yurgovia from the “WildC.A.T.s Special”? Remember how there was this Coda gal named Destine that was running it? Remember how she died getting shot in the back by Cole? Welp, I guess it didn’t take because she’s back and she’s pissed. She’s out to take Yurgovia back from the people that’d been running it since she’d been assumed dead, and also to grow her own little branch of the Coda as well. She has a few recruits already and she’s looking for more to train, which means kidnapping the children of Yurgovia. In the end, it seems that Providence didn’t like all this, because who would, and vowed to put and end to Destine’s schemes. Oh, and Destine has a bit of “the Orb” that created her and Void and she means to have it back. Not that Providence went about it attaining her goals in any logical manner, she handed out half truths to Zealot and double crossed Destine.

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23min of Ska : the Lady in the Lake

Hey everyone one! It’s your second favorite ska geek, what’s up? I’ve just finished the first of a three-night Slackers concert. I’m tired as heck, but man, still so excited for tonight and tomorrow! That’s what we do for our nerdery right? Go hard? Three shows, two of them on work nights? Let’s suit up and do this! Not sure how I’m supposed to make it through work on tomorrow, and my wife already has plans to let me sleep in in Saturday, because she knows that 3 days of work and ska is going to wipe me the heck out. Sorry, I don’t usually like to brag, but I’m super excited about these shows!

00:00 – the Slackers – Knowing (the Question ’98)
02:45 – Jackie Mendez – Nice Like Rice (Introducing… ’13)
05:44 – the Delirians – Love Sweet Love (Get Up ’14)
09:34 – thee Hurricanes – Megafone (Angel City Record : a New Dimension in Sound comp ’13)
12:37 – Viernes 13 – Slow and Low (Thirteen Rules ’15)
16:38 – Steady 45s – Too Late (Greenleaf Special ’16)
20:04 – Chris Murray – Home (Slackness ’08)

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Weathering WildStorm : WildC.A.T.s 10 – 13

For those just joining us, I decided to map out a chronology of the history of the WildStorm Universe. A “beloved” part of the Image Comics group in the early ’90s. This week I’m covering four issues of their flagship title “WildC.A.T.s” which featured the eternal war between two alien races, the Kherubim, and the Daemonites. Not that these issues advance any of that story at all.

I’m not going to mince words when these issues came out, I was really torn. I didn’t like them that much, but I really loved the new heroes it introduced. Well, not Huntsman so much, but Savant, Mr. Majestic, and Soldier! But that was back in the day when I didn’t have that much comic reading under my belt, and scarcely knew the name Chris Claremont. Now that I’ve grown up, and read all those classic X-Men back issues and I’m more on board with this run than I was as a kid. Hell, thanks to “Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men” I can’t help but hear some of Wu’s narration in their “Angry Claremontian Narrator” voice. I’m a more nuanced comic reader now that I’ve learned some more history… some 20 odd years later, and I actually kind of enjoy it. Mind you, not as much as I did later issues of “WildC.A.T.s” but I didn’t dislike this as much as I did in my youth.

The first issue in the arc kicks off with Zealot trying to combat train Priss down by the waterfront near New York. Now, I have no idea if this kind of area even exists in New York City, but it does in the WSU, so we’re going have to accept it. Priss isn’t high on becoming a Coda warrior and Zealot seems chill not to take it that far (well, chill as a clef blade to the neck) when suddenly a ship explodes into the sky featuring a wounded man named Alabaster Wu. Mr. Wu’s being pursued by a beast known as a Raksha. Zealot makes short work of the Raksha, decapitating it in front of Priss, as she goes to investigate the ship while Wu takes the hell off. Turns out, Wu knows Jacob, and he needs his help! But getting to Marlowe is easier than it sounds, as he’s being chased by Priss. Oh yeah, that cut up Raksha, it totally infected Priss, taking over her mind and body, giving her a mad on to hunt down Wu.

Zealot is working her way through the ship, and she comes upon a small and passed out girl. She vows to protect this child from the beasts and starts kicking some Raksha booty. Eventually, the girl’s protector, the Huntsman, shows up and they declare a truce after a bit of back and forth between them. During the battle, Zealot took some damage from a Raksha, and a Raksha has blood that’ll eff you up, it’s a “turn you into a literal Raksha” eff you up kind of problem, so Huntsman wants to help get Zealot someplace where they can get her some help. I mean, a good idea would be to go meet back up with the rest of the WildC.A.T.s, right?

Well, the rest of the team is busy. See, Wu got a hold of Jacob and Jacob goes to meet Wu alone. While this is happening, Raksha possessed Priss convinces the team that Wu is trouble and that they need to go save Jacob from him. So Void teleports the team to where Wu and Jacob are and they’re suddenly under attack from the Troika (Attica, H.A.R.M., and Slag) who are joined by Void Jr. AKA Providence. It’s all a set up by the true villains of the story, Tapestry and Lord Soma. They hired the Troika, who I guess brought Providence along for the hell of it, and are quite pleased with to see a Raksha take over one of their enemies already, Priss.

Who is Tapestry? She’s some kind of witch that can undo your life’s events and rewrite them. Not sure if she’s overwriting these events in reality, or just in one’s brain. Either way, in the end, it’ll bend your personality to whatever Tapestry wants. Lord Soma? Oh, he hangs out with Tapestry. That’s about it. We’re not even sure if he’s a Kherubim or Daemonite high lord, like everyone else who has the title “Lord” in WildStorm books. Maybe Lord is just his first name, and his parents didn’t spell it “Lorde” because he’s a precious little snowflake with his gray skin, facial tattoos and on point mustache and soul patch game.

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