Final Reckoning: Always Sunny in South Africa

We’re getting near the end of this season, but we’re still bringing people back from Redemption for their last, final, no-nonsense chance at ONE MILLION DOLLARS! After 2 eliminations to see who comes back from Redemption, some teams are sent home and others move on to roll boulders up a hill in an “elimination challenge”. We still haven’t quite worked out why or how that’s different than a purge but we make our best guess. Another team is sent home. We go over some iTunes reviews and voicemails, too.

One thought on “Final Reckoning: Always Sunny in South Africa”

  1. Love this podcast! I listen to four challenge podcasts and this by far is my favorite! The only one I actually laugh with!! Always look forward to the day after to listen!! I wish you guys would do a teen mom og podcast!!

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