23min of Halloween Ska

Here we go again Geek Nerdery fans who also like ska… it’s the 23min of Ska Halloween Special! So yeah, a buncha a spooky ska to get you scared and skankin’ or some dumb sounding add copy like that… BOO!

00:00 – SkaTune Network – Beetlejuice Theme (Beetlejuice Theme ’19)
02:16 – Baked A La Ska – Calling All Ghosts (Skalloween ’19)
05:56 – the Kingpins – ‘Til the Following Night (Watch Your Back ’96)
08:11 – the Hempsteadys ft. Vinny Noble – When the Dead are Undead (Séance! Séance! ’18)
11:52 – Skamanians – Ghosts in the Park (Ride Again ’14)
15:50 – Skavoovie & the Epitones – Zombie Song (the Growler ’99)
19:28 – Profesor Galactico – Dia de Los Muertos (Sonic Waves from Beyond ’12)

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End bumper performed by Eric Daino.

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