23min of Ska Covers

It’s that time of year again, where our illustrious host and main Geek Nerdery Dude, Bryan Jellybean Wolford celebrates his birthday! And each year on his birthday I give him the gift of ska covers songs! I’m so damn thoughtful! The songs are unlabeled as to add to the mystery of it’s unpackaging… you know, like a present or something thematical with birthdays…

00:00 – Greenhouse – Mystery Track 1
02:05 – Half Past Two feat. Tahlena – Mystery Track 2
05:37 – Rude Boy George – Mystery Track 3
09:16 – the Holophonics – Mystery Track 4
11:55 – Skandalous All-Stars – Mystery Track 5
15:45 – the Players Band – Mystery Track 6
20:45 – Hans Gruber & the Die Hards – Mystery Track 7
22:59 – Eric Daino – Mystery End Bumber

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