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New Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer And Poster

We’ve been getting lots of really good trailers for upcoming movies that I am super excited for.  At the top of that list is Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.  I had no idea who the Guardians even were even though I have been reading comics since I was young.  The space adventures just never excited me.  But the first trailer for the first movie caught me.  I was excited to see what would probably be just an okay movie.  Was I wrong.  I LOVED the first movie.  It’s probably my favorite out of the Marvel films.  I always tell people leaving the theater I felt like I did the first time I watched Star Wars.

Now with Vol. 2 coming my excitement is hardly containable.  Add to this already great cast Kurt Russell then guess what?  I’m predicting a 5 time watch at the theater alone.  In this new trailer we get to see more of the colorful world we’ll be venturing into this time around and we get the confirmation that Kurt Russell is in fact Peter’s father.  May can’t come soon enough.

Bill Paxton In Memorium

I was off of the internet for most of yesterday as I was playing video games and just having a relaxing Sunday.  Imagine my shock when I check Facebook and see that Bill Paxton passed away.  Talk about my childhood dying.

I think the first thing I remember him in was Weird Science as the asshole brother Chet.  Then the more and more I saw of him I realized I loved this guy.  He always put so much into each of his characters.  They were always varied but there was always still a charm to him.  I feel like he was like a real life Han Solo.  Just that charisma.

As I got older and sadly we started to see less and less of him, as Hollywood is want to do, my senses would prick up if I saw he was in something.  I would always watch just because I knew even if the movie/tv show sucked that he would bring so much to his role.  I about blew a gasket when I saw he was coming to Agents of Shield for a multi episode arc.  More Paxton is always a great thing.  And of course he nailed it.

So this news has made me very somber.  So many memories through out my movie watching life.  Always more Paxton.  Always.

Hulu Brings The King With Castle Rock Series

WHAT IS GOING ON!!?!??!?  As a certified King nerd imagine my mind exploding on Friday when the below teaser trailer was dropped online by J.J. Abrams company Bad Robot.  Anyone who has listened to me babble about King for years knows I’ve always wished that a cinematic Stephen King universe was a thing but with the rights to his books being spread across multiple big name film studios it was never going to happen.  Well maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe.

They haven’t come right out and said what this is other than it’s a 10 episode series on Hulu that will cover multiple stories across King’s works.  No word on which stories or novels.  The fictional town of Castle Rock was first shown to us constant readers in The Dead Zone and would then go on to be the setting for many of King’s biggest stories.  The Body (Stand By Me), Cujo, The Dark Half, Needful Things, and multiple short stories take place there.  Also such books as Christine, IT, and The Tommyknockers make reference to the town.  So it’s connections are vast.  Until we know more about what this is going to be all we have is the all too short teaser below.  I am beyond excited.

Supergirl Gets Hitched And Flash Attacks Gorilla City Next Week

Next week we’ll be seeing a few awesome super villains showing up in the CW DCverse.  First up on Supergirl that trixter from the 5th dimension Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up wreck havoc.  Turns out he has a little bit of a crush on Kara and even tries to get her to marry him.

And while not a NEW villain on Flash we finally not only get the return of Grodd but the reveal of Gorilla City.  In a two part story we’ll see the Flash team head to another earth looking for the Earth 2 Harrison Wells and end up facing down this classic mind reading foe.

I’m usually pretty stoked to watch these shows anyway but with these stories coming up I’m pretty excited.  Can’t wait to see what they bring.

R.L. Stine Confirms Upcoming Fear Street Movie

It really should be no surprise after the Goosebumps movie did so well that some production companies are looking into what other R.L. Stine properties they may be able to get their hands on.  Now it looks like Fear Street is going to be getting a movie of it’s own.

Fear Street was a teenage horrorish series Stine wrote in the late 80s all the way up to 1999.  I never read them as they seemed like girl books to me but looking back at how much I like 80s slashers I probably would have gotten a kick out of them.  I’m wondering if it’s too late to go back.  It’s cool to see a 37 year old guy reading a Fear Street book right?

Are you guys excited for a Fear Street movie?  For me it seems like a series would do better with the teenage horror series seeming to be an in thing right now.  But I guess we’ll see.

Bill Nye Is Here To Save The World

With everything going on in the world such as Alternative Facts, made up terrorist attacks, and what seems to be a dismissal of scientific facts it’s nice to see that Bill Nye is here to save us all.  Learn how science works, how it factors into our daily lives, and how we can hopefully save the world.  It’s nice to know we can trust in Bill Nye to not let knowledge be left out of society.

From Netflix:
Bill Nye – science guy, educator, mechanical engineer, and curator of curiosity – returns with a new show. Each episode of Bill Nye Saves the World tackles a specific topic or concept through lively panel discussions, wide-ranging correspondent reports from a crackerjack team, and Bill’s very special blend of lab procedure and sly personality.

Bill Nye Saves The World arrives April 21, only on Netflix.

Geek Nerdery Trailer Park – Super Bowl Edition

Apparently there was some type of sporting event last night that a lot of movie studios spent a lot of money to advertise during.  Below are some of my favorites that I watched later last night off YouTube.

John Wick 2

We see John Wick taking on the 50 Shades Of Grey franchise in their trailer.  I know which one I’ll be seeing this Valentine’s Day.

Pirates Of Caribbean

The latest trailer for this summer’s new Pirates movie.  Not a whole lot new but some cool looking action shots and of course Johnny Depp being Captain Jack.


The first of the superhero trailers I got excited about.  I’ve been excited for this movie since the first trailer.  I’m hoping it keeps it going.  This sees more of X23 doing her thing and a few shots of Caliban and some all out action.  I’m excited.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Probably my most anticipated movie of 2017.  I loved the first one so much.  This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.  The awesome thing is that a new poster was released yesterday too and it’s pretty awesome:

A little more of Mantis and maybe the idea that Yondu officially joins the team?

Stranger Things Season 2

And of course the next season of Stranger Things which hits at Halloween time this Oct and it looks like we’re taking a GIANT jump forward as far as the level of the story.  Giant Lovecraft monsters and kids dressed up as Ghostbusters.  Heck yeah!

Geek Nerdery Trailer Park

Well we’re back again with some fun trailers that have been released recently that I’m super excited over.

First up is the new trailer for LOGAN.  I’m super excited by this movie and I hope I don’t get let down.  We haven’t had a GREAT Wolverine movie yet.  THE WOLVERINE was good but it could have been great.  After the first trailer I was optimistic about LOGAN and this trailer really has me excited for it.  Has a good tone to is.  Are you excited?  Check it out.

Next up is the new trailer for POWER RANGERS.  I’ll admit I really have no emotional attachment to the Power Rangers series.  I thought the dark fan trailer that came out awhile back was pretty cool looking and an interesting idea.  This I’m not so sure but part of me really wants to love it.  We’ll see.

And lastly here we get a look at COLASSAL which is a kaiju movie with Anne Hathaway as someone who discovers she can control a giant monster on the other side of the planet.  Still not sure about this but it could end up being good.  Or not.

The Monster (2016)

I kept hearing about this film  from the usual podcasts and movies community I frequent.  The trailer looked decent and I haven’t seen a good creature movie in awhile so it went on my ‘to see’ mental list of about a million titles I have that I need to sit down with.  Then I heard it was written and directed by Bryan Bertino of The Strangers fame so it instantly went to the top of my list.  If he could pull out the tension and terror he did in The Strangers and put that into a creature film I was sold.  In full disclosure AFTER I had rented the film and watched it I was contacted by Lionsgate about a screener copy.  Which I said yes.

The movie starts out as more of a drama about a mother and daughter who are at odds with each other.  It’s obvious this is a young mother who was not ready to be a mother and a young daughter that has had become the adult in her household because her mother is more concerned with partying and having a good time than being a responsible mom.

The story moves forward with the mother Kathy played by Zoe Kazan taking her daughter to stay with her father for a while.  They of course get on the road about 5 hours late because the mother can’t seem to get over her hangover long enough to get ready.  This sets the stage for them to have a car accident on a lonely country road.

From there we’re treated to a tense single location film as a monster seems to be lurking in the forest on either side of the road.  In this movie the question isn’t ‘are monsters real’ but instead ‘what do would you do when you find out they are very real?’.

Both actresses do an amazing job and you really believe in their stress filled relationship.  Ella Ballentine does as great job as the daughter Lizzy.  It’s not hard to completely believe her fear and survival spirit.

I thought the creature design was well done.  I like seeing practical monster effects on screen.  It’s not a design that is going to blow any minds and we’ve actually seen designs close to this before.  In fact the Blu Ray cover of this reminds me a little too much of the poster for Feast.

The only problem I really had was a small character decision towards the end of the film that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me.  I could see some arguments for why it is there but in the end fell completely flat for me but I did my best to not let it ruin the film for me.

The only special feature on the blu ray is a featurette called Eyes In The Darkness which is just a quick behind the scenes look.  I had hoped for a little more on the creature design and story elements but in this streaming world such things are becoming less and less a priority.

All in all I would say that this is worth your time.  Pop some popcorn, turn the lights off, and just let this creature feature take you away.

WIN Death Race 2050 On Blu Ray And DVD!

We have three copies of Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 to give away on Blu Ray and DVD combo.  How do you win?  That’s easy.  In the comments below comment with what your race name would be in you entered the Death Race.  We’ll pick 3 lucky winners on Feb. 1 and they will win a copy.  That easy.  So comment below.  Tell us what name you would want to be feared by if you entered The Death Race.  Good luck!

Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 (2017)

Our friends over at Universal Studios were kind enough to send over a copy of Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 and I couldn’t have been more excited.

Everything I had heard was that this was a sequel to the original Death Race 2000 but it’s actually a reboot.  Taking the Death Race idea and putting it in the lens of where society could be in 30 plus years from now.

We have Manu Bennett (Arrow) taking on the persona of Frankenstein and putting him in the Death Race against such foes as Jed Perfectus, Tammy The Terrorist, and even A.B.E. a computer controlled car.  And of course all of this is being run by The Chairman played by Malcolm McDowell with a slightly weird looking comb over.  That seems weirdly familiar.

Overall the movie is a lot of fun and it’s obvious they knew this would be the perfect political climate to release it in.  Planned perfectly with the week of the Inauguration.  It seems to have a lot to say about the current status of the world but tries to at least be fun while doing it.  While I don’t think it will be a cultural marker like the original Death Race 2000 I think it does it’s job just fine.

I’m trying to think of how to go into the production quality and acting but at the end of the day it’s a Roger Corman film so you kind of know what you’re getting into when you put the movie on.  No one is winning any Oscars but everyone can say they had a great time making the movie.

The Blu Ray release comes with 4 featurettes which is more than most films now a days in the world of streaming.  You get The Making Of Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050, The Look Of 2050, Cars! Cars! Cars!, Cast Car Tours, and some deleted scenes.  All of the special features combined make a decent bonus for the purchase price.  Only thing I would have liked to see would be an audio commentary with the director G.J. Echternkamp and Roger Corman.  Maybe going over the differences in the shooting between this and the original.

Win Copies Of Phantasm Remastered And Phantasm Ravager On Blu Ray!

It’s a new year and it’s time for a new BOOOOOOOY!  We have 3 sets of Phantasm Remastered and Phantasm Ravager on blu ray that we are giving away.  How do win these silver spheres of awesome.  It’s pretty easy.  Between now and January 15th head over to the GeekNerdery Facebook Page and in the post that is pinned at the top we want you to go into the comments and comment with your best Phantasm Meme that describes 2016.  Whatever that means to you put it in a meme and comment with it.  For example:

We’ll pick the best 3 and those people will win a copy of Phantasm Remastered and Phantasm Ravager on blu ray.  This is a combined gift from us at GeekNerdery and also us at The Last Horrorcast.  Check them out and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.  See you on the 15th.  BOOOOOOOOY!


My First Love Was Princess Leia

I think she was really the first love for most boys my age.  My wife didn’t seem to understand why I cried the first time I saw the trailer for Force Awakens.  I had to explain that for a creative type that when you were younger and you played with your Star Wars toys that you had to create new adventures because there weren’t any.  Then at 36 here it was.  The adventures were continuing.  They were real.  Everything my mind had made up as a kid could now be real.  It was everything I had wanted my whole life without realizing it.

Princess Leia of course played into that.  Seeing the original Star Wars trilogy when I did at 5 years old (or even before for all I remember) it bonded deeply to my soul.  Everything I did from then forward had Star Wars involved somehow even if it wasn’t apparent at first.  Somewhere in the back of my mind it would always be there in every interaction.  Even as a grown man I can’t pick up a flashlight without making the Lightsaber noise in my head when I turn it on.

But enough about that.  This is about Love right?  After watching what became A New Hope you immediately put yourself into the movie.  When you hear Luke says those words “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m Hear To Rescue You.” you want to put yourself in that spot.  You want to be the one that is there to rescue the Princess.  You want to be the hero that blows up the Death Star.  I think that wanting to protect the Princess makes you fall in love with her.  Especially at 5 years old.  You immediately feel that protective bond.  Plus she’s pretty awesome.  You find out that she’s not just some damsel in distress.  And you find out later on she’s actually pretty bad ass herself.  But that first moment of seeing her on screen will connect with me forever.  I fell in love with her without even realizing what that was.  Of course when I got older it became about the gold bikini because I’m a man and puberty does awful things to your brain but at 5 that unabashed love was there.

Seeing her again in Force Awakens made me get butterflies in my stomach.  Seeing your first love again.  I know Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher are not the same but try telling 5 year old me that.  So when I read that she had had a heart attack I was sad and upset.  Waking up to the news this morning that Carrie Fisher had passed destroyed me.  Thank you.  For a long time you were my only hope.

Geek Nerdery’s Trailer Park!

Some trailers got released and they are for highly anticipated movies.

First up Keanu Reeves is back in John Wick 2.  Really the first John Wick movie should not have been good.  Like at all.  When you explain it to people they look at you weird.  Like a movie where Keanu gets mad because someone killed his dog and he goes on a shooting rampage after the mob isn’t a movie you would want to see.  But it actually is.  So now we’re back and it looks like we’re getting Keanu and Larry Fishburn in a movie together again.  Check it out:

After that is a trailer for a movie that for me falls into the “I don’t know if this is a good idea” category with Blade Runner 2049.  I mean I hope they prove that I’m wrong and that it holds up to the original but I always get worried about movies like this.  Who knows.  At least we’ll get to see Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford have a brood off.

And lastly for this trip to the park I’m including the trailer for Despicable Me 3.  Trey Parker going from the foul mouthed animation we’re used to into a full on kids movie as an 80’s styled bad guy to trouble Gru and his team.  Seems like everything I could want.

Win Some Stargate Atlantis Swag From Comet TV

Comet is back with some more giveaways!  If you love Stargate Atlantis then this is your contest.  All you have to do is take a look at the GIF below that shows the highlights of what Comet will be airing this month and in the comments below tell us what you’re looking forward to the most on Comet this month.  Then on New Year’s Day we’ll pick one lucky winner to win a swag bag with the following!

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So tell us what you are excited for this month on Comet!


Ducktales Announces New Voice Cast Via Sing-A-Long Video

I was going back and forth on posting this but then realized “I’m for sure going to watch it so who cares?”  Ducktales is coming back.  Next year we’ll be seeing Scrooge and friends getting back into adventures and taking dives into the money bin.  They have announced the cast in a fun way by having them all do a sing along to the Ducktales theme song.  Instead of telling you the cast I’m just going to encourage you to check out the video below.

Dark Tower Tie In Charlie The Choo-Choo Now Available

I’m a huge Stephen King nerd.  To anyone that knows me this is not a surprise.      In the sub-set of this I am a big Dark Tower fan as well.  Reading through his books and finding the connections was a giant thrill.  Even before getting into the Dark Tower set of books knowing that in Needful Things we revisit the farm from Cujo made me excited.  Reading and seeing that the monster that Tad is afraid lives in his closet in Cujo is Frank Dodd from The Dead Zone blew my mind.

While today shared universes are abundant in films and even some in books back when these books were coming out it wasn’t nearly as common.  So getting a reference to another book you had read was like a new experience.

Later I got into the Dark Tower books and found out that everything King has written is connected to this one set of stories.  Every character and every plot can be traced back to the Tower through any amount of small to large references.

When it was announced that at Comicon that they were actually printing up versions of the childrens book Charlie The Choo-Choo as exclusive items I tried to get anyone I knew that was there to grab me one.  Sadly it was not meant to be.  Luckily Simon and Schuster saw there was a demand for this so they decided to make it a mass market book.

I was lucky enough to get sent a review copy and I was jumping up and down with glee when it came in the mail.  It serves as a basic meta prop from the Dark Tower book.  Jake finds a copy of Charlie The Choo-Choo in a book store in the Tower books and now there is a real version you can hold in your hands.

With the movie coming up it’s a fun item to have.  I read through it and it is presented with great artwork from Ned Dameron as it tells the tale of old Charlie as he is seen as obsolete next to the more modern diesel engine, who looks like I imagine Blaine The Mono looks from The Wastelands.  It’s a fun thing to own if you’re a big King fan like I am.  I have it sitting on my shelf with the Dark Tower books.

Talk Without Rhythm Episode 349: Thief And Collateral

I was lucky enough to be on the Talk Without Rhythm podcast to talk about 2 Michael Mann films Thief and Collateral.  Stop in and take a listen.

This week on the Talk Without Rhythm Podcast I’m joined by my buddy Bryan of The Last Horrorcast and Geek Nerdery for a truly Mannly double-feature of Michael Mann movies. We’re discussing how the best laid plans of professionals and psychopaths so often go awry with 1981’s Thief and 2004’s Collateral.

Creepy Christmas Coloring With Mister Sam Shearon

I like coloring.  It’s relaxing to just sort of sit and grab the colored pencils for a little while.  And if you’re like me then you like things of more of the creepy persuasion.

Well I was excited to get this Creepy Christmas Coloring Book in the mail.  Flipping throught it I could see it was right up my alley.  Awesome pictures just waiting for me to color of Krampus, reindeer, and all sorts of Christmas themed horror.  The atwork of Mister Sam Shearon is just great. Each image represents the folklore of different regions around the world and is even accompanied by a poem with each one.  Dive into the folklore history of Christmas and help get into the spirit.

Of course what I picked was Santa Claws.  This is the type of Santa I would have wanted to send after my brother when he was annoying me when I was little.

if you have someone in your life who would appreciate this stocking stuffer in your life you can grab one over at CreepyChristmasColoringBook.Com.  Get them ready for the horror of next Christmas and learn about monsters and folklore from all over the world.