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23min of Ska Covers

Woo! Looky here, it’s a collection of ska covers! Do you know who likes cover songs? That’s right, illustrious GeekNerdery founder Bryan J. Wolford! Ok, so I’m not revealing the names of these songs right away, because this episode is a present to be “opened” by the big boss man, but here’s the time stamps and artists so you at least know who did the song!

00:00 – the Slackers – mystery track 1
04:32 – Half Past Two – mystery track 2
07:02 – the BlueBeaters – mystery track 3
10:10 – Party Like It’s… – mystery track 4
13:16 – the Pinstripes – mystery track 5
17:03 – Chris DeMakes – mystery track 6
20:21 – the Holophonics – mystery track 7
22:59 – Eric Daino – mystery bumper

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