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Blu-Ray Extras and Features: Stranger Things

I started the first season last week, got four episodes in and got busy with other stuff but I finally finished the series thanks to the Target Exclusive Blu-Ray DVD combo pack.

By now everyone has seen the mock-up VHS case that holds all four disc. You also get a poster of the Demogorgon with Stranger Things written in the center. Now let’s talk extras… There isn’t any. Pretty much every Netflix home video release are bare bones. One reason I haven’t picked up Daredevil. But this Stranger Things VHS made up for the lack of extras for me, sure interviews with the Duffer brothers would’ve been nice. No extras aside, it’s still worth a buy.

TLH Episode 48 – Dance of the Dead and The Loved Ones

Well, Bryan decided to sit out this week, leaving Scott and Doug to podcast like they did in the good old days, only to learn that they suck at it. After butchering what some might call a review of Dance of the Dead, they actually pull things together for a good discussion of The Loved Ones [spoilers from 58:00-1:11:35]. Also, Doug spoils Psycho.

For those of you who make it to the second half of the show, we discuss an email from Roman, talk about Stranger Things, and take a look back at the Paranormal Activity franchise.

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