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Alice Isn’t Dead By Joseph Fink Review

Title: Alice Isn’t Dead

Author: Joseph Fink

Reviewer: Carey Gibbons

Genre: Horror

Suggested Age: Adults

What is this book about? Keisha’s wife Alice goes missing. She’s been missing so long that Keisha has her declared dead. But then Keisha starts seeing Alice in the background of national news reports. She takes on a job with a cross country trucking company in order to find Alice. She ends up finding a lot of things that aren’t Alice, and ends up a pawn in a shadow war being waged across the country. She ends up finding out what goes on in all of the little nooks and crannies of America, places that people drive past every day without a thought. And the title of the book is completely true. Alice isn’t dead. But she’s also not the person Keisha thought she knew.

 Review: This book is based on a podcast of the same name, which I admit to not having heard because I’m not super awesome at listening to podcasts. But the premise intrigued me and I bought this book the day it came out. I wasn’t disappointed. Alice Isn’t Dead was written by one half of the Welcome to Night Vale creative team. It’s a lot creepier and less funny than WTNV and very good. It also features a character, Keisha, who suffers from crippling anxiety, and that was presented in a very realistic way (even if the circumstances are supernatural). Some of the ideology behind the shadow war in this book is a little heavy handed, but it’s overall a fun, creepy read. I will never look at truckers, police officers, or road trips the same way again.

Three words that describe this book: Creepy, Hopeful, Free

Give this a try if you like… American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Welcome to Night Vale, The X-Files conspiracy episodes

Rating: 4/5