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Shock Treatment & Phantom Of The Paradise

It’s our musical episode! First up we take a trip to the looney bin with SHOCK TREATMENT. Then we get Faustian with PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. After that we talk about BATMAN RETURNS which leads us to a talk about DC movies in general, Troma getting kicked off YouTube, and THE BOYS.

23min of Ska Covers

It’s that time of year again, where our illustrious host and main Geek Nerdery Dude, Bryan Jellybean Wolford celebrates his birthday! And each year on his birthday I give him the gift of ska covers songs! I’m so damn thoughtful! The songs are unlabeled as to add to the mystery of it’s unpackaging… you know, like a present or something thematical with birthdays…

00:00 – Greenhouse – Mystery Track 1
02:05 – Half Past Two feat. Tahlena – Mystery Track 2
05:37 – Rude Boy George – Mystery Track 3
09:16 – the Holophonics – Mystery Track 4
11:55 – Skandalous All-Stars – Mystery Track 5
15:45 – the Players Band – Mystery Track 6
20:45 – Hans Gruber & the Die Hards – Mystery Track 7
22:59 – Eric Daino – Mystery End Bumber

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23min of Protest Ska

What’s going on GeekNerdery? 23min of Ska has returned to bring you a whole mess of ska music to protest by! Ok, sure, a lot of these songs I’ve played on the main 23min of Ska, and this may, in a way, be a sequel to this previous 23min of Ska/GeekNerdery Special… but I couldn’t help but make it! None the less, strap in for some ska!

00:00 – Catch 22 – a Minor Point (Permanent Revolution ’11)
02:07 – Five Iron Frenzy – Get Your Riot Gear (Quality is Job 1 ’98)
05:49 – Matt Wixson – Double Agent (Hell is Other People ’18)
08:24 – the Rough Customers – 86,45 (86,45 ’20)
11:05 – Pilfers – Generation (Pilfers ’97)
14:50 – Malambo Ska Band feat. Hugo Lobo – Racist Friend (Racist Friend ’19)
18:52 – the Toasters – Freedom (Dub 56 ’94)

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Rise from Your Grave!

The 2019 death toll is racking up pretty quickly, yesterday I found out director John Carl Buechler passed away. He directed my all time Friday the 13th film, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. Earlier this year Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and Gene Okerlund also passed…

We all have our favorites maybe they came from film, music, sports, or a public figure. Maybe you have been watching them for years or even decades and to this day you still miss these people you only know from their roles or TV exposer. With that said, and putting family aside I sure do miss Rowdy Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes two great talkers and storytellers and I miss seeing them on WWE television or being interviewed in general. I would love to hear what Dusty has to say about his son Cody and all the independent work he’s been doing from ALL IN, AEW, and Double or Nothing. Having a Piper’s Pit with someone like Broken Matt Hardy or Ronda Rousey their interactions with him would be priceless.

Linkin Park was a band I was listening to in high school. Songs like My December, Crawling, In the End are classics to me and not having Chester Bennington around to make more is a damn shame.

Heath Ledger is another person. He was white hot after The Dark Knight and could have any role he wanted. His Joker is iconic and just think how DC would be today if Ledger made a couple more movies as the Joker. DC might not be in the slump it’s in today.

Kurt Cobain… Nirvana… Greatest band to ever played! If the rockstar fame wasn’t there maybe Cobain would still be here today. I would love to hear what he would’ve come up with in the post grunge era. Closest we ever got to anything new came from their best of album Nirvana (2002) with the single You Know You’re Right. And I can’t forget their 2004 box set With The Lights Out had some awesome demos and early recordings.

If Nirvana was still around maybe we wouldn’t have gotten the Foo Fighters or Eyes Adrift. But I do think Cobain would’ve left Courtney, but that’s just fantasy booking…

23min of Holiday Ska

Hey GeekNerdery crew! I’m back at it again with 23min of ska and ska/punk in a holiday style for you. I hope all you fellow geeks and nerds all have a happy whatever-the-hell you celebrate and that you enjoy this tiny bit of music.

00:00 – Party Like It’s… – All I Want for Christmas is You (All I Want for Christmas is You ’17)
03:03 – Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus – I Have a Snowman (Jeffy’s First Christmas ’11)
05:20 – MU330 – Xmas Card (Crab Rangoon ’97)
07:16 – the New Limits – Everyday will be Like a Holiday (Everyday will be Like a Holiday ’17)
10:30 – Rayner – the Snow Miser (ft. Heat Miser) (the Snow Miser ’17)
13:11- the Toasters – Sleigh-Ride (Christma-Ska ’98)
16:20- the Holophonics – You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Xmas 2017 ’17)
18:26 – Slow Gherkin – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight) (Happy Holidays from Slow Gherkin ’11)
23:13 – the Copacetics – Jingle Bells (a Very Copacetic Christmas ’18)


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A Rocking Halloween Playlist

The Massive One put together a Halloween playlist for work and this is what you’ll be hearing when you head to the back of the store! What are some of your favorite horror or Halloween themed music? (Michael Jackson’s Thriller is a bit overrated.)

1. Tuesday KnightNightmare

2. Gerard McMahonCry Little Sister

3. WWEThe Brood

4. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceA Nightmare on My Street

5. Halloween (1978) Theme

6. Bobby PickettThe Monster Mash

7. Jonathan CoultonRe Your Brains

8. Rocky Horror Picture ShowSweet Transvestite

9. MisfitsHalloween

10. Rocky Horror Picture ShowTime Warp

11. Ray Parker Jr.Ghostbusters

12. Warren ZevonWerewolves of London