Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Trailer Drops

I’m a life long Marvel fan boy but one area that I think most can agree that DC is rocking Marvel’s socks off is its recently minted shared animated movie universe. Now, following amazingly quick on the heels of long anticipated Justice League Dark, DC is wasting no time in keeping its fans salivating by dropping the trailer for Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.

When the DC animated universe was originally conceived, the Judas Contract was one of the first story lines that WB Animation wanted to adapt. However, there were worries that an animated movie that didn’t involve big hitters of DC (Supes, The Bat, The JLA etc…) wouldn’t not be able to move sales of the flick.

However, after extremely positive reviews of its Justice League movies and most recently the great reviews and sales numbers of Justice League Dark, DC is dropping one of the Teen Titans best story lines straight into our collective laps.

The story┬áis said to be thus – “Tara Markov is a girl who has power over earth and stone; she is also more than she seems. Is the newest Teen Titan an ally or a threat? And what are the mercenary Deathstroke’s plans for the Titans?”

The story has been done before in the Teen Titans animated show to high acclaim but with a family friendly bent, Now that the movies are taking on a more mature tone, it will be interesting to see how the Titans handle the betrayal and the coming of one of their biggest villains.

The Judas Contract is helmed by Jay Oliva, who is no virgin when it comes to art work and super heroes having done art work and story boards of Deadpool, BvS, the upcoming Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok.

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