Star Trek’s Latest Five Year Mission

In 1979 After seeing the world shattering success 20th century Fox had with Star Wars, Paramount studios scrambled to revive the star trek franchise. It seems history is repeating itself yet again as on the heels of Solo the Latest instalment of the Star Wars expanded Universe CBS has contracted Alex Kurtzman to a five-year mission to develop the Star Trek Expanded Universe.

The deal reportedly includes “New Series, Mini-series and other content opportunities” that will expand the Star trek Franchise. The agreement also includes rights to produce other content from Kurtzman and his company, Secret Hideout, who currently produce Hawaii 5-0, Salvation and Instinct. This includes expanding secret hideout’s operations to create other original, non-trek, properties.

This will include the continuation of “Star Trek: Discovery”, which is currently in production on season two. In a fashion that parallels drummers in spinal tap, Alex Kurtzman is also the latest person to be brought on as show runner for the streaming series.

Several shows are currently in some state of development such as:

Star fleet Academy based ongoing series

While there are few details about this it, Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz (Dynasty reboot for CW, Gossip Girl and the “adaptation” of Marvel’s Runaways for Hulu) are working on series that will revolve around cadets attending Starfleet academy.  there are some interesting potentials for “Academy Days” (as no one is calling it).

Chances that he series is conceived as “Kirk and Spock at the academy” are high (CBS sometimes has problems remembering that the franchise is more than the original series), I hold out hope that the current powers that be don’t underestimate their audience and set the series post-voyager in 2380 or later. The potential for Cameo’s is endless as Chief O’Brian left DS9 to become a professor of engineering, Both Reginald Barcley and Data both taught at the academy all be it in a potentially alternate future.

Star fleet Academy is a concept that CBS/Paramount have tried to tackle in novels, comics, and video games even action figures with marginal success, so I have a hard time getting to excited about this concept, but I have been surprised before.

A Khan Noonian Singh limited Series

Wrath of Kahn is with out a doubt one of the best Star Trek films ever made, “Star trek Into Darkness” was not. At times it seems that whenever the franchise gains any momentum CBS/Paramount gets nervous and tries to go back to what has worked in the past to very mixed results. That being said, A Series that focused on the Eugenics wars has the potential to be amazing if handled correctly.

While not confirmed, there is a very good chance it is connected to the trilogy CBS hired Wrath of Kahn Director Nicholas Meyers to create.

A limited series that all details are being closely guarded

Unless this is the Captain Worf series that we were promised after DS9, I don’t care.

A Star Trek animated series

I have been begging for this for years. Anytime I get into a “deep dive” conversation about star trek with friends it will inevitably come around to me desire for an animated series.  This would be the BEST way to bring everything in the star trek pantheon to the table.  The animated series from the seventies was geared toward an younger audience and added some very interesting aspects to the Star Trek Franchise while being cost effective such as non-human crew members M’Ress and Arex, new alien Antagonists the Kzinti, introduced the holodeck and gave Lt Kyle a fancy mustache. While some of the episodes are truly amazing others feel like they belong in Sealab 2021  thus it is considered at best semi canon by most star trek fans. Fortunately, Animation has come a long way since then gaining the respect of older audiences.


between TOS and TAS Lt. Kyle server briefly on the U.S.S Portland where he also developed a taste for craft beer and recorded all of his logs on vinyl

the Star Wars Clone wars animated series was able to expand the world created by the prequels into something that was not only entertaining but added much needed depth.  In 2005 CBS/Paramount would try to cash in on this popularity by commissioning Zero Room Productions to begin development on a post Star Trek: nemesis series called “Star Trek Final Frontier but ultimately scrapped it in favor of the Kelvin universe reboot (the episode scripts, storyboards and overview are available at

the clone wars series was also successful in bringing in characters both who were previously non-canon and from the original trilogy making the Star Wars universe both bigger and more cohesive. The same sort of thing is possible with a new animated series: Mirror Universe TNG, Q interacting with the TOS crew, Andorians and Tellerites in a story that takes place after Star Trek IV, the possibilities are endless.

New series featuring Capt. Jean Luc Picard

While this one is technically a rumor, it has been teased by everyone including Patrick Stewart himself. He has recently been very vocal about his willingness to return to the franchise particularly in the upcoming Tarantino directed film, including an ominous comment about Star Trek Discovery. In all honesty you had me at “Patrick Stewart returns to star trek”

All of this signals an exciting Future for the Star Trek Franchise, but this is not to say that Kurtzman will have completely free reign, as insiders are reporting that a new executive will be brought on specifically to oversee the studio side of Star Trek projects, seemingly in the way Kathleen Kennedy has been coordinating the Star Wars franchise for Disney.

no word whether any of these properties will be offered to CBS affiliates or exclusive to the CBS All Access streaming service

Source: Variety, the Hollywood reporter, io9, red carpet news

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