23min of Halloween Ska

Awww yis yis y’all, it’s time for some spooky ska! Trying to get out an extra special monthly ska episode has been a little tough as of late, but I couldn’t leave you hanging without some Halloween ska. Really, I couldn’t, it’s just not my style!

00:00 – Grave Danger – Grave Danger (Let ‘er RIP ’18)
02:36 – the Siren Six! – Burn (the Voice with the Built-in Promise ’96)
06:45 – the A-OKs – Showdown (Words are Not for Eating ’10)
09:16 – 2000 Tons of TNT – Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon/Wonky ’13)
12:47 – Victory Kid – Clownin’ (Thrillenials ’18)
15:27 – the Amphetameanies – Haunting (Last Chance Bordello ’14)
19:15 – Reel Big Fish – Evil Approaches (Punk Rock Halloween: Loud, Fast and Scary comp ’17)

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End bumper performed by Eric Daino.

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