The Midnight Drive-In: Trick Or Treats & Night Of The Demons 2

We celebrate halloween time by talking two movies set during our favorite holiday to mixed results.  Also Noah shares lots about his past, we talk some Annihilation, and The Haunting Of Hill House.  All this and more!  Happy Halloween Suckaaaaaas.

One thought on “The Midnight Drive-In: Trick Or Treats & Night Of The Demons 2”

  1. I’m several weeks behind in podcasts , as usual but just finished listening to this one on Night of the Demons 2 and that which isn’t even worth discussing in spite of David Carradine. I know Doug mentioned not liking many sitcoms ( but do remember previous love of Roseanne ). I did want to recommend you check out The Good Place It’s produced by Drew Goddard which should add to your interest since he was behind Cabin in the Woods, cloverfield, Daredevil, Lost etc Stars Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop who dies and awakens in the Good Place which is run by Michael (played by Ted Danson) only problem is they confused her with a different Eleanor Shellstrop as she’s definitely not a candidate to end in heaven based on her behavior during her life. Being the Good place there’s no Forking way you can curse but show us really well done. A lot of surreal touches, cool demons and some very surprising twists along the way. Season one and two are on Netflix and each episode is only 23 minutes but all link to tell a continuing story. I really don’t watch any other sitcoms at the moment either, but have really enjoyed this so far.

    I might be a few weeks behind but do continue to enjoy the podcast, even when you get into some rather questionable movie choices. Keep u the good work!

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