The Midnight Drive-In: Gargoyles & Mazes And Monsters

This week we head to the land of TV movies.  First up is the 1972 film Gargoyles.  After that Tom Hanks leads us into some role playing with Mazes & Monsters.  Noah then gives a talk about how Mazes & Monsters was part of the Satanic Panic scare at the time that tried to cast D&D in a bad light.  After that we chat about some Daredevil, Vigilante, and Dead Like Me.


One thought on “The Midnight Drive-In: Gargoyles & Mazes And Monsters”

  1. Bryan, Noah and Doug,
    Since you often comment on no feedback I’m offering a second one this month to help you through your lack of same, but since I don’t do social media I am again posting. Since I took brief notes while driving I will be a bit all over the place ( although that goes well with your format anyway).

    On the topic of made for tv horror I will skip the obvious scarecrows and Stephen King and once again recommend A Cold Nights Death starting Robert Culp and Eli Wallach as two researchers in the Arctic doing studies on chimpanzees. Very good tv film and still one of my favorites (aside from the Kolchack movies , which are also awesome)

    For Doug, you might enjoy British series In the Flesh which ran two seasons and was also about cured zombies and the prejudice against them being accepted back in society. Got a bit preachy after awhile but started of pretty interestingly.

    For Tony Perkins non Psycho roles I highly recommend Pretty Poison with him and Tuesday Weld and another great overlooked film from the 60’s. That along with The Bad Seed are my favorite atypical psychotic killer films from that era.

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