Return To Oz & The Black Hole

This episode we look at some Disney kid’s movies that seem to be far from kids movies in tone. First up Dorthy takes a trip back to Oz in RETURN TO OZ. After that Anthony Perkins and Robert Forester almost get sucked into THE BLACK HOLE. We also talk about DESTROYER, KNIVES OUT, and the trailer for the new CANDYMAN.

One thought on “Return To Oz & The Black Hole”

  1. Hey guys glad you liked return to oz. The books are not dark at all but are a lot weirder than any of the films like the tin woodsman who loses his limbs to a cursed axe and has them replaced and when he tracks down his lost love he meets another tin-man who had the same thing happen and then he meets his creator who has the tin mans head who doesn’t want to go back and when they both find their old love she has made a new man from the human parts of both of them and she and him ask the two tin-men to leave them in peace. Also Tip that most of return to oz is from it turns out at the end of the book is princess ozma kidnapped by the wizard of oz on the day she was born and turned into a boy by the witch mambi and the end of the story she is turned back and its never mentioned in any of the other books and she is in most of them. All the books have the female character save the day which is awesome for a book series starting in 1900. Sorry for the long letter but I was a big fan of the books and films and wanted to recommend you checking out the other books for all the crazy stuff in them. Thanks for all the great episodes.

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