Nightbreed & Lord Of Illusion

This episode we decided to chat about two Clive Barker films. First we try to find our way to Mideon in NIGHTBREED. Then we watch Scott Bakula leap into a mystery about magicians in LORD OF ILLUSION. We also talk about the horror of going to the high school prom, The Tiger King, and the Benoit murder suicide in The Dark Side Of The Ring.

One thought on “Nightbreed & Lord Of Illusion”

  1. Hi Bryan, Doug and Noah,

    Since I am driving less these past few weeks, I’m somewhat behind on my podcasts, but still listening. I haven’t written since last horrorcast days, but still enjoy the banter. I’m a bit surprised that you have not yet done a double feature of contagion and outbreak, but perhaps too obvious in the midst of Covid 19. Maybe other ecodisaster like The Bay could work, or you can stick with the less than stellar works such as Virus starring Jamie Lee in one of her weaker rolls?
    Mainly I just wanted to thank you for continuing to entertain and to let you know that you do still have a few long time listeners around.
    Stay safe

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