23min of Protest Ska

What’s going on GeekNerdery? 23min of Ska has returned to bring you a whole mess of ska music to protest by! Ok, sure, a lot of these songs I’ve played on the main 23min of Ska, and this may, in a way, be a sequel to this previous 23min of Ska/GeekNerdery Special… but I couldn’t help but make it! None the less, strap in for some ska!

00:00 – Catch 22 – a Minor Point (Permanent Revolution ’11)
02:07 – Five Iron Frenzy – Get Your Riot Gear (Quality is Job 1 ’98)
05:49 – Matt Wixson – Double Agent (Hell is Other People ’18)
08:24 – the Rough Customers – 86,45 (86,45 ’20)
11:05 – Pilfers – Generation (Pilfers ’97)
14:50 – Malambo Ska Band feat. Hugo Lobo – Racist Friend (Racist Friend ’19)
18:52 – the Toasters – Freedom (Dub 56 ’94)

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