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Discovery has a captain

In an announcement sure to cause even more harry Potter/Star trek fan fic (it exists I assure you) Jason Issacs has been announced as Captain Lorca of the USS Discovery. Issacs is known by fans primarily for his portrayal of Lucias Malfoy in the Harry potter films and sci-fi fans from the underrated Event Horizon.

Captain Lorca joins the expanding discovery crew including Sonequa Martin-Green as Lieutenant Commander Rainsford, Doug Jones as lieutenant Saru, Anthony Rapp as science officer Stamets and Mary Wiseman playing cadet Tilly (who we can only hope is not this series Wesley Crusher). Dispite beginning production on the series the crew seem to be missing a few key members most notably a doctor, communications officer or anyone from engeneering.

The crew of the starship shenzhou have been anounced headed by Michelle yoah as Capt. Grorgiou, Maulik Pancholy as chief medical officer Nambue and junior officer Connor played by Sam Vartholomeos. While it has not been announced the role the USS Shenzhou will have in the series early speculation is that at some point it will be damaged or destroyed and the crews will combine.
In an unexpected casting announcement James Frain, of orphan black and Gotham fame, will be portraying Vulcan ambassador Sarek. Originally portrayed by legendary actor Mark Leonard, this will be only the second time a character has been played by to actors in the same time line.* the other being that of Zephram Cochrane played first by Glenn Corbett in the TOS episode “Metamorphosis” and later by James Cromwell in “Star Trek: First contact”

*I am not counting the TNG episode “Rascals” as the characters were de-aged due to a transporter malfunction and were restored by the conclusion of the episode so I would chalk this up to being akin to “stunt doubles”